June 2019

Here are some photos from last month. My brain is so fuzzy from not sleeping enough these last few years…I don’t even remember what I did this weekend. Anyways, I am thankful to have some photos to remember what some of our days look like. First, some camera photos.

I had to capture this scene. I don’t even know how this happened, but, here are Ev and Jon napping together.



Grandma came to visit while Curtis spoke at a conference in Canada. Thank you, Pam! The kids had so much fun with her and I did too!IMG_1260IMG_1243


I hosted a friend’s babyshower. SO MANY BABIES!IMG_1118IMG_1114

Some school stuff. We are still doing school stuff this summer. It’s just been really laid back.IMG_1110IMG_1108

We had some friends over for Father’s Day to do our annual whiskey and pie thing. I made old fashion’s for everyone and it was so fun!IMG_1224

Brown sugar Bourban and peach pie!IMG_1223

The morning of fathers day. Opening presents and cards. We love you Curtis! We went to church, then indian food for lunch, and then naps for everyone. We barbecued for dinner and then we had friends over for dessert and whiskey. I hope you felt loved, Curtis. You’re an amazing dad.IMG_1220IMG_1219

The kids and I did our annual starwberry picking with friends. The kids ate more than they picked, but it was so fun to see them run around the strawberry fields with their buddies. We froze most of them. I didn’t can any this year, because I don’t have time anymore. Having three mobile kids keeps me so busy. It’s hard to text people back or do anything really! Hahaha. I miss the days when Jon napped a couple times a day and I could make stuff, can, garden, or be in the kitchen more. Just a season. I keep telling myself this!IMG_1298IMG_1293IMG_1291IMG_1289IMG_1282

Oregon strawberries are different! This is the Hood variety. They are smaller, but soooooo sweet and delicious!IMG_1288IMG_1279IMG_1274

This summer we are following the Exploring Nature with Kids curriculum. We did a pollinators theme. The kids are painting and reviewing the anatomy of a bee.



The reality of school days. While Jon naps we all grab our school stuff and run to the living room. I make another cup of coffee and messes are made. 2pm right here. James is done with what we have been doing. So, while I try and help Ev finish her work, James is ripping paper and throwing it all over the living room. Fun times. IMG_1332IMG_1329

We went camping with our new church! We are now going to smaller church  that has a strong focus on missions. It feels like home and we’ve only been there for a couple months! HahahahIMG_1324

We shared a site with these sweet friends. Camping is so much easier with others!IMG_1321



We hiked up to the swimming hole at the campground. The kids splashed and looked for crawdads. We had a huge campfire with the church one night and roasted smores and hungout until bedtime. This was our most successful camping trip with kids. A miracle! Makes us excited for our next camping trip next month. IMG_1319IMG_1318

James had a birthday this month! He turned FOUR! Curtis took him on a donut date while Evie and I decorated and prepped for his birthday breakfast. We made pancakes and then got ready for church. We came back for naps and then Curtis and I got things ready for James’ party. This year, we decided to have his birthday at a local park. We actually did a combo party for James and Jon. It was so fun! We grilled hotdogs, ate treats, played and ran around, and then ended the day with playing in the splashpad with his buddies.


The four year old and almost two year old!IMG_1397

After the party and splashpad, we came home for cake and more presents. We invited our sweet neighbors and hung out on our patio till late. IMG_1400


Other stuff this month:

Watering all the plants.


Ev lost TWO teeth!img_20190625_132028599

We also celebrated my birthday this month. Curtis and I went on special date to Han Oak and then pie and coffee after. I had a watercolor/painting night with my friends to celebrate too. They made me an ice cream cake I have been craving and we painted, laughed, and drank rose. Such a blessing!

Right before I went to my friends house (who was hosting the party) Jon threw up and he was on day 3 of vomiting. I was hesistant to go to the party because I was so worried about Jon. Curtis made me go and  I told him to call me after he called the advice nurse. Long story short, I got a text hours later. Curtis had taken Jon to urgent care because of dehydration! He woke up the older two and he managed urgent care with THREE kids after bedtime hours. Meanwhile, I was having a fun time with friends! Hahaha. My husband is amazing. P.S. Jon was totally fine. Just a random virus.


The big kids did their first VBS at a friends church! I had only one kid every morning for a whole week. It was awesome. Hahahah


They did the VBS with their preschool co-op friends. They had a blast.Resized_20190627_120939

Date night with Curtis!


May 2019

May was a funny month for me. We spent 17 days in California and getting back to Portland and our normal routine was a little rough. The kids had too much fun, lots of spoiling and sugar, and literally had no routine for most of the month. Now, that it’s June we are feeling a little normalcy again. My body and brain shut down the day we got back to Portland and I was out for like a week. Hahaha. Traveling solo for 2 weeks with all three kids was more exhausting than I thought. Plus having to figure out my dad’s health stuff…it was a pretty crazy couple weeks. But, I am thankful we did get to go. And even though there was some tough things on the trip, we had some good times too.  I didn’t take many photos this month, since I didn’t want carry my clunky camera around most days. First some camera photos that I or friends took.

Our neighbor took this photo of us trying to figure out traveling with three littles. We are smiling, but, Curtis and I were sweating!


Made it to CA. Kids were so excited.


Double date with these two! It was really great to hang with so many of the cousins…WITHOUT children. YAY!img_20190426_221121865

Game night. We went to bed so late. I paid for it the next day. SO TIRED. I’m so old. I can’t hang.img_20190427_215029796

The kids favorite thing about CA….the grandparents and cousins! img_20190429_171517051

I was able to leave the kids with Jimmy and Pam one day, so I drove to Modesto for some quality time with my parents, sister, and nephew. img_20190430_132905359

Aquarium with grandma and grandpa! This day was really fun. To top it off, we went swimming with the cousins after the aquarium. img_20190502_110205057_hdrimg_20190502_113545293_hdrimg_20190502_133513599

Patiently waiting for ice cream. Ice cream for dinner. These kids living their best lives.img_20190502_165305898_hdrimg_20190502_165315711

Girls night with the cousins. Wine and dessert! I got to get out alot…solo and with friends. Thanks Jimmy and Pam for watching the kids, so I could have grown up time!!img_20190502_200653640

We drove to San Jose to see my Abuelita and Tia’s. My kids had pan dulce for the first time and I drank my Tia’s famous cafe con canela. Mmmmm. My Abuelita didn’t remember me and parts of this visit were sad, but, I am thankful my kids were able to see her. img_20190504_110945393

On another day we went to the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History with grandma and then tacos on the beach. The kids really loved the museum. It was totally their jam.img_20190509_134720661_hdr

Back in Modesto. We got to see my old highschool friend. Her son had a birthday and we joined the party. And we ate all the homemade tacos. Yumm.


In Modesto with my sister. It was SO warm. I’ve missed the sun. HAHAHAimage-1

James playing my brother in law’s drum set. James is now asking for one for his birthday.img_2384

One last ice cream date with my sister and nephew. The meltdown of the year happened right after this outing. So many tears. Including me! Parenting strong willed children is no cake walk.img_2456

Back in Santa Cruz. So much driving back and forth had me exhausted by the end our stay. This was their first time riding rides at the boardwalk. They loved it!received_515322062206082received_934187420084894


Heading back home on Mother’s Day. img_20190512_222618281img_20190512_222845501

How we spent our days back in Portland. We were all so tired from our travels. img_20190513_163926285_hdr


Back in Portland. Hanging out with friends and holding new babies. img_20190517_123027391

Back at it with our nature and hiking days.

IMG_8698 (1)


Hosting co-op at our house.resized_20190522_102247-1

Another birthday party with friends. May was filled with birthday parties!!img_1729-1


Now to REAL camera photos. We had friends over for dinner the day before we flew to CA.


We studied butterflies in May. We saw them form a Chrysalis and we saw one emerge before we left on our trip!IMG_0904IMG_0905IMG_0907IMG_0910

Playdough play. Making “tortillas” Love my Mexican kiddos. HahahaIMG_0993

We went on a fieldtrip to the local fire station and then walked to a coffee shop for homemade donuts.IMG_0998IMG_0999


The kids on their last day of nature school. They get a bead after they complete a session. They are off for the summer.IMG_1017

This was my kids classroom one day week. Rain or shine. So lovely! And I’m also really proud of them. Hiking around in all the elements for a couple hours is not easy!IMG_1020

Memorial day weekend. We had our community group over for a BBQ. My friend, Annie shucking the corn with the kids. IMG_1021

We have been learning about gravity and rockets this month too. “Gravity Painting”IMG_1025

Last day of pre-school co-op! Seriously, so sad! This little co-op has been an incredible blessing to me. Especially, during the time of really hard postpartum days. This community carried me the last two years. I am so thankful. And now, a new season begins!IMG_1027

We celebrated the end of the year with waffles…because it is now a tradition. IMG_1033

Talking about the moon and craters. IMG_1049

Experiments. Talking about rockets and “thrust”. How fast will they go?!!IMG_1051IMG_1053IMG_1055

Evie is doing ballet. Curtis takes her on Saturday mornings. She loves it.IMG_1056IMG_1065IMG_1066

We are back in the gardening game. We paid our community garden dues and began by weeding this mess. Another gardening season begins and I am excited. IMG_1087IMG_1093IMG_1099IMG_1100


It’s been really good to be back home. I told Curtis that this last trip to CA was great because it gave me closure. I know God led us to Portland, but, it’s been a hard 3 years trying to establish our young family, all while missing family, our people and life in Santa Cruz. After three years in Portland, I can finally say this is HOME. And it feels really good to say that. I was so excited to be back in Portland and get back into our life here. I had missed our co-op, our people, our nature days, our fieldtrips, my mom friends, and our home. I feel incredibly grateful for the life we are making here. Thanks to my brave husband, who forged the way!

April 2019

I had such a weird time uploading these photos. They are super scattered and all over place. I am too tired to fix them hahahaha.

I am uploading photos again while dinner is cooking and the kids play outside. THANK YOU SPRING!!  And hooray for backyards and children that play independently! Even if it’s just for a few minutes. I am almost positive they are getting into some sort of trouble and Jonathan will come inside covered in mud or something. Oh well.

I just came back from therapy and feeling super grateful and looking through these photos only amplifies my gratitude. I love this little family Curtis and I are raising. We are broke and pretty much always exhausted and have more stressed out days than relaxed…BUT, these little people are such BLESSINGS.

Anyways, this week to fly out to CA and I won’t be back till mid May, so I thought I would post these photos before my memory card gets super full.

Today I am dragging. We hosted Easter at our house yesterday and I am wiped! And because we had people over after church in the morning and had a full house until 4:30 or so, I ended up staying up till midnight recharging and basking in the quiet and alone time. Introverts are weird. Hahaha. Saturday was full with two birthday parties and then last minute we were like, let’s build a firepit outside! We (Curtis) finished at like 10pm and then we were frantically cleaning our house for guests the next day. And then I remember I still had to prep the kids Easter baskets and fill plastic eggs for the egg hunt at our house. Apparently, I don’t like to sleep?!!


Pictures from Easter yesterday. Look at this handsome boy! Love this feisty boy.

IMG_0889 (1)

Jonathan with his buddy on Easter. Can’t believe Jonathan is now hanging out with the big kids.IMG_0875IMG_0870

Now a picture with one of her BFF’s on Easter Sunday.IMG_0866

This is our attempt at Easter photos. This was at the end of the day when the kids were tired and dirty from playing all day. We tried!IMG_0859IMG_0856

After the egg hunt at our house. Friends brought so many eggs. I think we had 3 different egg hunts. So hilarious.IMG_0846IMG_0843

The kids waiting while grown ups hide the eggs!IMG_0832IMG_0829

On good Friday we dyed eggs. It was actually the most relaxing egg dye we had. Mainly because Jonathan was sleeping for most of it. And also because Curtis was home. Yay! IMG_0781IMG_0780IMG_0777IMG_0776IMG_0775IMG_0774IMG_0771

We also made hot cross buns! I’ve made them before with them and it’s been chaos. It went so good this year! I can definitely see things getting easier as they get older. Look at them kneading. Precious.IMG_0763IMG_0762IMG_0759

My favorite baking assistant. IMG_0758

More Easter family photos!IMG_0863IMG_0852

My friends new baby. He is giving Curtis and I baby fever. His first Easter!IMG_0850


This month we’ve been studying birds and butterflies.


We made bird nests from things we found from a hike. Also, James cut his hair. He gave himself super short bangs. IMG_0679 (1)IMG_0681 (1)IMG_0682 (1)IMG_0683 (1)

Homeschool Co-op at our house. Painting pots and then planting seeds. Spring theme is strong over here. IMG_0693 (1)IMG_0695 (1)

More homeschool stuff. Math lessons over here.IMG_0708 (1)IMG_0709 (1)IMG_0711 (1)IMG_0712 (1)IMG_0713 (1)

This is how I kept Jonathan entertained while I worked with the other kids. Ev made butterflies and James joined Jonathan with pipecleaner play.IMG_0722 (1)

During circle time, we talked about the life cycle of the butterfly and pretended they were caterpillars in a cocoon. We sang a song while I wrapped them up and then they broke FREE and pretended to fly around the house.IMG_0637 (1)IMG_0639 (1)

Jonathan joined in too. IMG_0649 (1)

Jonathan was here. My poor plants. And also my house! IMG_0672 (1)

Our favorite family meal: Pad Thai. Look how happy Evie looks! IMG_0677 (1)IMG_0678 (1)

I love this girl. Helping with the hot cross buns. IMG_0757 (1)IMG_0769 (1)

The kids set up a tea party for us! Evie said, “it’s because we are really good parents”. She even added dried oranges to the tea! And rose hips?! Lol.IMG_0725 (1)IMG_0726 (1)

Easter/Spring party at co-op. Craft time and then we made “resurrection rolls”IMG_0732 (1)IMG_0744 (1)


Back home the kids set up a “nature store” They made “nature shakes” and apparently they are really healthy and delicious. I love their imagination!IMG_0753 (1)

We also went on a family hike on Good Friday. Jonathan hiked the way. This was a perfect toddler hike.IMG_0787 (1)IMG_0790 (1)

We got to see wild flowers in bloom! These are Oregon’s Camas flowers. IMG_0794 (1)IMG_0798 (1)IMG_0799 (1)IMG_0800 (1)IMG_0803 (1)

Jonathan helping out with the crosses. IMG_0813 (1)IMG_0818 (1)

These pictures are all over the place! More Easter brunch photos. IMG_0827 (1)

The waffle maker was going non stop for like 3 hours. We fed 30ish people with it…crazy! IMG_0828 (1)

The steam coming from the waffle maker. Whoa.


Happenings at co-op and some phone photos.


At our weekly nature days searching for wildflowers.


Lunch with new friends after church. Sizzle Pie Pizza is delicious.img_20190414_123121678img_20190414_123056738img_20190414_123051378

Went to the wetlands in North Portland with our Wild and Free group,img_20190412_110949743_hdr

Visiting Curtis at work and having a quick lunch. And also, look who got a haircut!img_20190410_140923657img_20190410_133315849_hdr

Jonathan did too. He was not happy about it!img_20190406_162821426

Curtis and I finally going to the Science Friday event. I got him tickets for his birthday. We had mystery cocktails served to us and we had to try to guess the ingredients. img_20190405_192526744img_20190405_184023589


That’s it for April. It took me days to finish this post! Tomorrow we leave. And apparently I like to procrastinate and invited friends over for dinner instead of actually packing and getting ready for our trip. Typical me. I hate packing! My friend took this photo of me and another sweet friend and goodness, look at that BLUE sky. We see so much grey over the winter, the blue sky is such a gift!!!


March 2019

Here are some snapshots from last month. Feeling really thankful for Spring and warmer weather and for the fact that my kids are playing (all THREE) outside while I sit in the kitchen and upload photos. I love that Jonathan is in a stage where he can play in our backyard with his siblings without me hovering around. Hahaha I hear them play, Paw Patrol right now.

First some phone photos.

Now, that is drier we have been hitting up the parks. Although, Jonathan is more interested in playing with the sticks these days.


Here we are on our nature day checking out some local wetlands. Jonathan has the best looks. HahahaIMG_20190328_104426934

I’m doing another sugar fast, so I am drinking green smoothies and pretending it’s ice cream. IMG_20190403_142931647_HDR


My friend takes the best pictures of my kids. Here are some photos of Jonathan at one of afternoon hikes.IMG_9116IMG_9118IMG_9119

On another hike with the Wild and Free group. Carrying all the babies. Hahaha. Oh mom life.



Oh you know, just feeling thankful for sunshine and spring over here. img_20190324_170848210

Jonathan’s first time in shorts. He loved it. Kept feeling his legs and smiling. We have been living in base layers and rainsuits, so yea….we are happy for the changing of seasons.img_20190324_170642112img_20190324_121713358

We have been dating lots lately. Finally. It’s the best. Out for his birthday this night.img_20190321_204235872img_20190321_204232104


On another night. Curtis has been joining me at canning club lately. It’s been so fun! We got margaritas and chips and salsa after canning club last month!img_20190306_212412

Curtis took the kids out on some daddy kid dates last month. Sushi, coffee, and book stores with Evie. In her happy place. img_20190303_123004681_burst000_cover_topimg_20190303_121743401img_20190303_121734286


On another date with Curtis. We had some northern Thai food. It was spicy and sooooo good. Hat Yai is incredibly delicious. Would def go again!img_20190302_165908942IMG_0562

Celebrating birthdays with our community group. I think we had 4 birthdays in March?!IMG_0554IMG_0544

I love watching him eat. Hahaha. Eating up all the curry. Mmmmmm.IMG_0541

Ev has started to listen to Box Car Children. She is obsessed. Here is her picture of the kids and the book. IMG_0537

REAL LIFE. While I try to accomplish anything (ex. dinner) Jonathan makes a mess or destroys something or climbs on something. Evie and James fighting over something. Ughhh I am so tired. Life with little ones is stretching me in ways I could never imagine.




We had a birthday party for Curtis. Pizza, a keg from a local brewery, pie, whiskey, and friends. Love this man! IMG_0523

Ev took so many random photos at the party. IMG_0505

Of course Curtis got whiskey for his birthday. People know him. HahahaIMG_0501

Some whiskey tasting at the end of the party.IMG_0499IMG_0497

I didn’t make anything for the party. Costco pizza for the win!IMG_0496

Another park day! James looking like such a big kid these days. Also, pictured my iced coffee. It feels so warm in the 60’s….so ice coffee it is. Oh how has Oregon changed me.IMG_0489IMG_0488IMG_0479IMG_0474


Curtis on his birthday with his kids. Little blessings. IMG_0468IMG_0461IMG_0457

My wonky cake. I made a chocolate Paleo cake and then couldn’t find stuff to make frosting, so i just whipped up some cream cheese frosting. So messy and not pretty, but good!IMG_0452

Opening gifts from the kids.IMG_0449After work the kids and I made a charcuterie board and opened up champagne for our little family celebration. Later the neighbors later brought him some homemade pie and then we rushed out for our date night! IMG_0444IMG_0440


Jonathan dragging a stick while we picked up the big kids from nature school.IMG_0430IMG_0426IMG_0424


Oh does this sum up our daughter. Hahaha I love her and her free spirit. But, oh man, does it test me. IMG_0420IMG_0417

We made playdough with beet root and added cinnamon and dried chamomile for preschool co-op. IMG_0414IMG_0412

Lunch time with my crew.IMG_0404


Making paleo blueberry muffins for school one day.IMG_0401IMG_0399


We invited a new family for brunch last month. Trying to incorporate more hospitality into our lives. Even in this crazy messy season of young children and exhaustion. We have used this waffle maker SOOOO much in Portland. Thanks, Nana! Brunch is the best for parents and kiddos. IMG_0392IMG_0390


Our beautiful shelf thanks to canning club. IMG_0386

I made New Mexico Red Chili sauce for canning club last month. Curtis canned something too! He made cara cara jam for his first canning project. IMG_0383IMG_0369IMG_0368

Playing in all weather. Oh these Oregon children.IMG_0363 (1)

I hosted preschool co-op most of the month in March. And my mama friends bring homemade kombucha and it’s the best. This day my friend brought her Orange and Clove Kombucha. So good. IMG_0357IMG_0356

Making more sourdough bread! yayyyy!!! Have I told you I am obsessed? IMG_0351IMG_0349

I want to write more about our routine and rhythm for this last month, but, no time. In short, I joined a Charlotte Mason book club and we are embracing more free play, more nature days and open ended projects, baking, cooking, messy experiments, and lots of read alouds/books.


I gotta go now. I hear my toddler destroying and throwing things now!IMG_0180

February 2019

February is so funny. It’s such a short month, but it feels really long here. It’s rainy and cold and we are just ready for spring and sunshine! This winter has felt pretty mild. Except for this month. SO MUCH SNOW! There have been lots of snow and home days and sickness too. We got hit with ANOTHER stomach bug this month too. Vomit everywhere for like a week. Started with Ev, then the boys, then Curtis. Now, we’ve been dealing colds. Ughhh.

Anyways, here some stuff that happened this month. February we did lots of Valentine’s craft, not much baking since most of us were sick off and on, and for school we continued with our animals in hibernation theme, studied weather and clouds, and learned about the water cycle.

Jon has officially joined us for crafts and school. I’m not gonna lie, it’s chaotic and a mess. We are still trying to figure out a rhythm. So far, this month has meant playing mostly all morning, doing a circle time and then crafts/activities at the table. And in the afternoon we do Ev’s curriculum when Jon is sleeping. I’ve tried to do it in the morning, but it’s really hard to focus on her stuff when Jon is dumping water or screaming because he wants to nurse or dumping paints and crafts or eating paper or putting things in his mouth. I honestly don’t know how we make it!


James drawing pictures with the never ending laundry in the background. IMG_9938

We hosted a superbowl party this month. Curtis made SO much chili! This is just one pot of chili. And we somehow crammed 35 people in our tiny house. Most of them tiny children. Oh the noise!!IMG_9941

The newest baby in our co-op. Seriously the sweetest. All these babies give me serious baby fever.


The dads hanging out watching the actual game. And kids sprawled everywhere!! I didn’t take many photos at the party, but it was such a sweet time having people over for food and hanging out.IMG_9952IMG_9955


Snow days mean hot chocolate. Meaning we drank tons of hot chocolate this month. Hahaha


Jon helping me make french toast. I forgot to add salt to my sourdough bread, so I turned into french toast the next day. IMG_0012

More Valentine’s crafting. Marble painting. IMG_0019IMG_0020

Ev making her valentine cards for her co-op friends and Jonathan causing trouble under the table. IMG_0023IMG_0024

We learned about the water cycle this month. James adding sharks and other animals to his water cycle picture. IMG_0026IMG_0029

SO much snow play this month!IMG_0030IMG_0039IMG_0047IMG_0048IMG_0051IMG_0059IMG_0067IMG_0070

Yes, more hot chocolate shots. Also, the kids lived in their base layers this month. SO cold!IMG_0073

Ev is really getting into reading. She is still a beginner, but its so fun to see her gain confidence and interest. I found her reading one of her Bob books to Jon.IMG_0078

And then I found her reading another one to the boys in our faux fireplace. My heart.IMG_0084


Trying to keep them all busy all day, everyday is feat! IMG_0085IMG_0089


Valentines party at preschool co-op. We made heart shaped pancakes!IMG_0116IMG_0122IMG_0123

Grandparents came to visit! Yay!!! Look at Jonathan’s face here. Love this baby!IMG_0130

We celebrated Pam’s birthday while she was here!IMG_0155IMG_9965IMG_9970

My evening routine about three times a week. Trying to master that sourdough bread!IMG_9971

More snow!IMG_9983IMG_9985IMG_9992

My loaf of sourdough! This is my first successful one. Except that my scoring really needs help. I bought a lame and that has made such a difference! IMG_9995

Breakfast scenes.IMG_0161IMG_0164IMG_0202

James starting to write his name. I love it so much.IMG_0203

Ev is really into writing right now. Sounding out everything and trying to figure it out. It’s fun see how she phonetically spells out words. She wrote, “I’m sad ubout TV”. Kids got grounded from the TV this month…she was really upset about it!IMG_0204


The lame made such a difference. Look at the scoring on this loaf! So much better.IMG_0207


Loaf #3. I’m getting addicted! I keep giving it away because I shouldn’t eat so much bread. Hahaha!IMG_0210

Love that these kids go outside no matter the weather. It was chilly this day!IMG_0227

Me in a nut shell this season. Coffee in hand, kids all over me, and laundry sprawled everywhere.


Did I mention we had alot of snow days this month?! hahaha


Trying to keep this little one busy, while I work with the big kids! Smash the playdough!IMG_0247IMG_0249IMG_0253

More weather learning and experimenting. IMG_0259

Ev finished the level K Primer with our curriculum. Now to the course…Level K. She was really proud of herself.IMG_0305

Hanging out in the back property of our house and exploring.IMG_0306IMG_0308

Look at our blackberry bushes!!IMG_0313IMG_0315IMG_0318IMG_0322

We went on a walk to the near by park/trail by our house and did more exploring. IMG_0330IMG_0333IMG_0336IMG_0337

Trying to motivate this girl to practice reading her books. Completing reading log means earning something. She earned a “hatchimal” this month.IMG_0346


Jon fell asleep while I was chatting with a friend. I guess the snow really tuckered him out!


We got to go on a double date with these precious people. It was such a nice time!


Curtis and I got away for Valentine’s Day. We were excited to GET OUT!img_20190214_171355445_hdr

Nature days with friends.IMG_8676IMG_8675IMG_8677IMG_8681IMG_8680


It’s March! And spring is near!!

January 2019

Oh man, I am so so exhausted! Curtis and I spent the whole day prepping for tomorrow’s party and then watching our friends kiddos and I’m wondering why I am on this laptop uploading photos. Hahaha. I didn’t take many photos this month. I just wasn’t in the mood to take photos. I just wanted to be. Here are some pictures that I did take though! I shared some photos Curtis took too.

Can I just say that January was such a long month?! The winter here has been mild so far and there has been plenty of sunshine, but, the kids and I just had a really hard time recovering from the holidays. We didn’t do any formal school for the majority of the month. We played, stayed in our pj’s, played with friends, listened to lots of stories and well…just hibernated. Hahaha. I haven’t had much motivation to do much. I can be such a busy body! It’s been a good month of rest. I really needed it. We all needed it. But, now, I am ready to jump back into our routine. Or rather, come up with a new one since Jonathan dropping his morning nap is messing with our wonderful rhythm!

Here we are in front our (new to us) van. Feeling blessed! Thanks to our wonderful family! Have I mentioned Curtis hates selfies?!



Last weekend we took a much needed family day. We hopped on the train and went to downtown and explored. We took the kids to Powell’s Books and then had lunch out, which we pretty much never do with the kids! It was nice to give ourselves a treat. It was such a restful and fun day. It was nice not to look at our to do list, prep for the week ahead, cook lunch, run errands, and do the grocery shopping. I have been eating up this series on the Sabbath. It’s soooo good! I am praying how we as a family can incorporate more rest and intention. Having this “day off” to go into town felt like Sabbath. Such a sweet time of connection as a family…to just BE together.



A terrible photo really, but, I want to remember it always. Me and my BABY! He is seriously the snuggliest. My little co-sleeping buddy. I love him this fire cracker of a baby. img_20190130_191703244

Curtis and I went on three dates this month. Go us!!! We even left the kids during witching hour (5:30pm-8:30pm) to go to a whiskey event. I was slightly nervous, but, the kids did great!


A couple homeschooling moms eating tacos and celebrating birthdays on a dreary rainy winter night!



Ev carrying around the Bluetooth speaker listening to her audio stories. Just finished, Little House in the Big Woods.


We’ve been making lots of smoothies lately!


I go to therapy on Mondays. My friend watched my kids this past Monday and I came back and she folded ALL my laundry and cleaned and scrubbed my WHOLE kitchen and living room. Seriously, I am in awe of the outpouring that the Lord continues to show me through amazing human beings.



2018 was pretty tough in many ways. The transition to three kids (so close together!) really rocked our worlds. This devotional has been a blessing to this weary mama. But, I am praising God because he is good! Even in our toughest times. Even in our trials. He is with us. He goes before us and His mercies are new everyday!! IMG_9859

Dinner time with the family. My favorite.


Looking through the Chronicles of Narnia book while Evie and dad make beer in the garage.


Look at my handsome guy!! Making another batch of brew and starting new projects in the garage. He is my favorite human being.IMG_9837IMG_9835


More smoothies!!IMG_9830IMG_9822

We did attempt school some days. Letter H theme.


Evie working in her workbook while James plays with playdough. Do you see the toddler about ruin a peaceful moment? Now that Jonathan is awake during our normal morning school time, things are trickier to do. It is fun to have him join our circle time though. He claps and dances and “sings” along. So cute. IMG_9811IMG_9808

It’s 3pm. Still in our jammies. James working on crafts and Ev still in her room listening to audio books. She didn’t want to stop!


Another mom friend and I threw a baby sprinkle for a dear friend. I was in charge of the food…because I love love food. Which reminds me, I joined a gym! Because, well, I love food. I want to eat all the food….So yea, exercise for me is a must! Also, this Orange Olive Oil cake was delicious. A great brunch cake!IMG_9796

Our sweet friend Alex. Can’t wait to hold this baby!


Pacific Northwest yards in the winter….MUDDY!!!


Hibernation theme this month.


We made tamales the first weekend of January. Yum! IMG_9788IMG_9787IMG_9784IMG_9783IMG_9781

Look at all this sunshine!! So rare for winter here. Hahaha! Also, yes, more pajama pictures. Seriously, we lived in pajamas this month. IMG_9775IMG_9774

I’ve been coordinating mom brunches with our mom’s ministry at church since September. They are kidless and we eat yummy food and drink all the coffee and have all the uninterrupted conversation! I love this mama so much.


We had another sunny day in January, so we skipped co-op and we all went to the zoo! Preschool day at the zoo! We are missing a couple kids, but here we are.


The girls copying the flamingos. Hahaha! James ended up with a fever that afternoon and had it for a couple days. It’s so hard when your kids get sick! Sickness is another reason why this month was so long. I can’t wait for spring!!


Also this month we celebrated THREE YEARS in Portland. Crazy, crazy!

December 2018

We are entering another winter in Oregon. I really do love the changing of seasons. But, I will definitely be ready for some sunshine come February. December was actually really quiet for us. We didn’t do any of our Christmas outings, which I’m a little sad about. But, we needed some quiet this month. And the not to mention some stressful stuff like our car getting stolen the week before Christmas…it was a weird month!

We actually took the whole month off with school stuff and just focused on advent and Christmas activities. Lots of baking, home days, crafts, and movies.


We ended the month with 10 days in California. It was a really sweet time reconnecting with friends and family. Curtis and I got to go on a couple dates, so that was fun. This is us outside of the Red Room. I made Curtis take so many selfies and he was just over it. Hahaha


On our flight back. Traveling is so freaking stressful with so many young children. Lots of deep breathing and praying. Also, look at all our stuff. SO MUCH KID STUFF!IMG_20181230_174732378

The candlelight service at Vintage. I miss this place and how comfortable and homey it feels to me. I attempted to leave Jonathan at the nursery. Didn’t work. And it was pretty crazy juggling him during a service that was suppose to be quiet and mellow. I was sweating…This baby is feisty!IMG_20181224_170149466IMG_20181224_165437309

On one of our dates. We borrowed Curtis’ dad car and drove around, had lunch and coffee, and enjoyed the warm sunshine!IMG_20181222_112606



Back in Portland. On the night we flew to CA, we had our community group Christmas Party. We had pizza and wine, had all the sugary treats, and sang carols and did an white elephant gift exchange. Love these people.


One of the biggest blessings last year was joining our small group. We have only known them for a year-ish, but, goodness do these people love well. They continue to teach me a ton about hospitality, welcoming others, and giving generously and freely. The sweetest card with the sweetest gift for our family during a hard time. I have it on my fridge to remind me of the goodness we have here…especially on hard days when homesickness hits and we miss our people.


Love my friend Annie. She is always up for adventuring with me. We went on a hike with our kids and it was pouring rain!! Hahahaha. It got so bad that we walked back after 20 minutes and drove to the OMSI museum instead. HahahaIMG_20181220_102243

At our preschool co-op Christmas Party! We had a dance party, decorated Christmas cookies, wore our Christmas pajamas, and ended our last day of co-op with some hot chocolate.IMG_20181219_111212IMG_20181219_105841IMG_20181219_104833

So, I think I mentioned the lack of dates Curtis and I have had this last year. We are trying to do better. We went on a few dates in December. This picture was taken at the second place we went to and we stayed out till like 10:30, which is SUPER late for us. It was so nice!IMG_20181207_221559558


Thursday mornings are nature day. This day was freezing and windy! Do you see Jonathan in the middle of the swing? Cutie pie.IMG_20181206_105500433IMG_20181206_103545785


On a walk with a new friend. A friend from back in Santa Cruz introduced us and it’s really great when friend blind dates end up successful. IMG_20181204_113751836_BURST001

On another nature day at Leach Botanical Gardens. We love it there.



I hosted co-op at our house a couple times this month. I look so disheveled, but I am in my happy place.



Some advent activities this month. Love these tradition of ours.



We followed Slow and Sacred Advent Guide this month. It really made for special memories. This is after singing, Joy to the World, and lighting our candle. IMG_9487IMG_9486IMG_9481

We built gingerbread houses, had a Polar Express night with hot chocolate, more christmas movies with popcorn, made gingerbread men, and hosted more preschool co-op days at our house. IMG_9470IMG_9452IMG_9451IMG_9444IMG_9436IMG_9431



This was scene while I tried to make dinner one night. We were having some new friends over for dinner (this was actually our first time meeting, hahahaha) and Curtis was had a late dentist appointment and I was frantically trying to make this deliciousness. The only thing that kept the kids busy was this…toilet paper rolls. They were literally throwing them across the hallway and acting like completely crazies. The whole time I was wondering why do keep inviting people into our CRAZY?!! hahahaIMG_9411IMG_9396IMG_9503IMG_9510IMG_9513IMG_9515IMG_9394

Cookie making and decorating with her bestie. It was really crazy with all the kids. Curtis kept brewing coffee for the grown ups. We needed it! HahahaIMG_9382IMG_9380

I had to take Jonathan out during the cookie making. He has so much energy for a 17 month old! IMG_9376IMG_9375IMG_9371IMG_9365


Making spelt chocolate chip cookies with the kiddos while we snack on kale chips. This was the state of kitchen most of December. And this is why I gained like 10 pounds this past month! IMG_9362IMG_9358


We had some playdates this month.IMG_9351


I had to document this precious moment. Everyone playing quietly and together while Christmas music was blasting and I had cookies in the oven. This moment gave me so much life. IMG_9348


Our memory verse this month. And James’ first verse he memorized. SO SO SWEET.IMG_9340




Another co-op day at our house. Snack and craft time!IMG_9326IMG_9312


We had some friends over for waffles after church. Incredibly thankful for this cozy home and for people to share it with. Our friends are vegan, so we attempted vegan waffles and they were a little tricky to make…but coffee and waffles on a dreary Sunday hit the spot! IMG_9306IMG_9310


And more CA photos. Beach play with the Pao’s is must. Maybe next time I will learn and bring extra clothes for the kids. IMG_9561IMG_9564


My dad’s birthday celebration! We had such a sweet time with my family. We attempted some group photos with my sisters and our babies. We ended the party with some dancing. Just like we always do when my family gets together. HahahaIMG_9581IMG_9593IMG_9598IMG_9614IMG_9621IMG_9633


Our last day in CA, we decided to stay at the beach till sunset. It was really beautiful and warm (at least for us!).IMG_9636IMG_9646IMG_9655IMG_9686IMG_9692


Coffee and pastries with the cousins after church Sunday morning. Heart filled! IMG_9753

Also, the Ev and James wrote on the wall at nana’s. So special! IMG_9765IMG_9769IMG_9759