October/November 2019

October Stuff:

It’s 2020 and I am now uploading October pics from last year. Homeschooling is taking over my life! I am taking less pics these days…and not because I want too. Booooo.

Anyways, the annual family pumpkin patch trip! We were so busy in October, we did’t even get a chance to carve our pumpkins. I don’t even know October got so jam packed?!



We went to a different pumpkin patch during the week, with our homeschool friends. This place was cute. They had some animals to pet, an indoor playground, u-cut dahlias and other flowers, and fresh apple cider donuts. Oh Oregon and your cute farms.




Some pics from our “autumn nature walk”. We made nature bracelets, went on an “autumn scavenger hunt”, read, “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn”, and had a picnic after our walk. We ate popcorn and I made some hot chocolate for all to share.IMG_0206IMG_0198IMG_0194IMG_0216IMG_0209

More nature outings with friends.


Day date with this cutie.img_20191012_103305214_hdr


Friday family dinner nights with our Portland family.img_20191018_181806623


Some November pics. November was also busy. Grandparents visited, we celebrated Ev’s birthday, and we dedicated Jon at church.

I didn’t get any pictures from the dedication, because I forgot. Whoops. After the dedication, we invited a few friends over for brunch and brought out the trusty waffle maker! We made waffles and latte’s and Jonathan napped the whole time. HAHA



Now, Evie’s 6th birthday Party! It was a kitty themed party. We ate snacks and donuts and the grownups drank so much coffee. We needed it!




Birthday morning. On her actual birthday, we had pancakes, went to the Children’s Museum, opened presents, and went out to Sushi for dinner.IMG_0401IMG_0398


Halloween! This time we went trick or treating with our new friends who live a few minutes from us. We met at their house, ate pizza, and then the grown ups filled up their to go cups with the mulled wine my friend had made! IMG_0392



On a nature walk with the kids. It was just them and myself on this walk. Which is odd. Hahaha! We usually do our nature outings with friends. Still it was really great to have some one on one time with my three. We had a sweet time together.IMG_0390IMG_0387IMG_0385


Some homeschool scenes:


Our schedule this past fall.IMG_0264

Jonathan always wants to be included.IMG_0276IMG_0278IMG_0280

We went apple picking in October!IMG_0297IMG_0305IMG_0307IMG_0310


Sometime in November, our old friend came to visit. We made a roast, mashed potatoes, some veggies, and slathered everything with some spicy cranberry sauce I got from canning club. It was such a good meal. Our house is tiny and between all the kids in our community, the grownups always end up eating standing up around our kitchen island. HAHAHA. I love sharing meals together. Even in our cozy house!



Crafting with homeshool friends. Celebrating autumn with dipping leaves in beeswax to preserve them.IMG_0322IMG_0317IMG_0312IMG_0323



A few of my girlfriends and I get together every so often and craft/do something artistic. Here is watercolor night at my house in October. In November we made autumn wreaths!



I made a bunch of Americano’s this past fall. Yay for espresso machines!IMG_0222

I caught Ev reading her chapter book. She finished a chapter book in November. So we went to Powell Books to get her another one! It’s fun to see her read.IMG_0337

We celebrated Thanksgiving with some dear friends and one of Ev’s bff’s. We returned to their house a couple days later for CREPESGIVING! We used all the leftovers from thanksgiving and put them in Crepes. So good! Girl’s helping making the crepes.


Here they are again on Thanksgiving. Eating their pie!img_20191128_173611310


That’s it for now!