End of Summer and September 2019

I have had so much trouble finding time to make some of these updates! My kids don’t nap anymore, so I have no time for myself. Boooo! Maybe when Jonathan is a bit older I can implement quiet time. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work and walks right out of his room. Sigh.

Anyways, I did’t take many photos in July or August. I’m telling you, life with three is kicking my butt! haha Anyways, here are some I did take. Our nature group at the river! I think this was one of our last outings before school started.


We went blueberry picking again in July. After blueberry picking we stopped by this cute cafe for coffee and treats.IMG_0022

I think we got 20ish pounds of blueberries? We dehydrated a bunch and then froze the rest for smoothies and baking in the winter.IMG_0019IMG_0017IMG_0014IMG_0012IMG_0010IMG_0006IMG_0002IMG_0001

The first weekend of September, I went on my first girls getaway since having kids! So, in like almost 6 years?! It was GLORIOUS!! We roadtripped to my friends aunt’s house at Bainbridge Island, just outside of Seattle. I only wish it was longer. Hahaha


This was our view. IMG_0176

We mainly just hung out at the house chatting, watching movies, hanging in the hot tub, and more talking over coffee and tea. LOL. We did go into town for coffee and treats and a walk. It was so relaxing and refreshing to be with these friends. I had so much fun that I didn’t take any pictures besides these. I wish I took more!!IMG_0173IMG_0167IMG_0165


September. Homeschool started!

We went to a fieldtrip to a sweet farm.IMG_0156IMG_0148IMG_0139IMG_0136

We have been reading Farmer Boy and going through some of the playful pioneers curriculum. Here we were dying fabric with berries and spices.IMG_0131

Reading Farmer Boy after making some popcorn over the stove.IMG_0130IMG_0128

We are making blueberry bars here.IMG_0125

Making a new batch of playdough. First day of school tradition.IMG_0115IMG_0111IMG_0106IMG_0105

First day of school pics!IMG_0103IMG_0099IMG_0096

This summer the kids did a reading program at the library. They got shirts and awards for completing the program.IMG_0088

Summer playdates. The five year olds reading to James!IMG_0085

We had an end of summer BBQ. Curtis, the baby whisperer, putting a friends baby to sleep! I miss you, summer!IMG_0083

This summer we also made the switch and now ALL THREE kids share a room. There are pros and cons to this, but, the kids really want to be together. Oh and in the middle of the night Jonathan eventually makes his way into our bed. We are SO tired.IMG_0079IMG_0077

That’s it! Summer was so full. I wish I took more photos to remember! Oh well!