Remember This.

I need to remember this.

I’m sitting at a local coffee shop planning our official homeschooling year. Although, I’ve been doing preschool at home for a couple years, this year feels like we are doing the real thing. Like, we are committed to this schooling at home thing. I’ve fought homeschooling for a bit as it’s not something I really wanted to do or feel “called to”, but here we are…doing it. I feel incredibly incapable and have so many gaps in my own education and wondering how the heck will I do this?!

But, God has brought a small homeschool community to me. That in itself is a prayer answered! I just wanted to write out that I am so excited about this year! I am smiling and feeling really excited planning our year. I’m excited for our new kinder/early elementary co-op and as I am piecing our very eclectic curriculum together, I feel excited. I feel like I needed to write this somewhere, because I am sure there will be tough days this year. I hope I can remember my excitement through out the year!

Love looking at this pic. The laundry and mess. Jon trying to drink my coffee, James looking through the kid bible. Evie working on making letters for friends. My sleep deprived disheveled self! This isn’t the life I imagined when I left my hometown to go to bible school in hopes of becoming a missionary overseas.  Quite the opposite actually. Hahaha

But, I am really really thankful for it all. I do have a great life. Even in the ups and downs of life.