July Camping

I decided to do a separate post for our camping pics. I took too many. And I still need to add more…once I can find my camera. Hahaha

Anyways, we last month we went on a camping trip with a few dear friends. Although, camping with young kids is so much work and we feel so tired after, it’s so worth it. I couldn’t have said the same thing last year or the year before that. Now that our kids are gettting older, some things (like sleep!) are getting easier. Anyways, here we are having dinner one night. We ended up having most of our meals together.


We also did alot of river play. This is a spot we hiked to. It was 1.5 mile hike in and then another 1.5 hike back with 5 kids under 6. We got creative on keeping them motivated. And by we, I mean, our friend Evan did. Hahaha


Seriously so pretty. Mount Hood Area is just amazing.IMG_1646

Thanks Pam for my Keens. I feel like a real Oregonian. Hahaha. IMG_1653IMG_1640

Pictures are out of order, but, here we are hiking to the water. We are almost there!IMG_1638

Girls collecting flowers on our hike. IMG_1633IMG_1622

Jonathan loves camping! He loved riding his scooter the whole weekend! Going from our campsite to our friends campsites!IMG_1621IMG_1613IMG_1611

My friend doing water color paintings. She’s so good!IMG_1608The guys playing games.IMG_1604IMG_1602

The kids acting like they are BMX people….riding up and down hills!IMG_1601IMG_1598IMG_1595IMG_1591

Friends. Chopping wood!IMG_1588IMG_1585

Morning time. Breakfast scenes. IMG_1582IMG_1580IMG_1576IMG_1575IMG_1574

The kids hanging out before dinner. Playing in the woods. Between all the families, we had 9 kids under the age of six. Whoa.


After dinner we hiked to a swimming hole at the campsite. IMG_1692IMG_1697IMG_1690

It was really a great time. So excited for our next camping adventure!