July 2019

I feel like I have less and less time to do these updates! Too many mobile and busy kids to keep tabs of. But, I find looking back to these post so precious. Anyways, very quick. Here we are celebrating the 4th of July. We went to a local baseball game and then came home for a BBQ with a few friends. After dinner we did fireworks. The kids had so much fun.


The kids eating dinner.IMG_1408IMG_1414

Having Popsicles for dessert. I love summer. Even though it took forever for it to come!IMG_1415

Kids waiting for the show!IMG_1427IMG_1436IMG_1440IMG_1443

Ev working on projects. She is doing much more independent play and it’s rad.IMG_1509IMG_1513

James and our neighbors helping us bring piles of dirt. We needed so much dirt to fill the holes in our yard. We have the best the neighbors.


After all the work, we sat around had drinks and chatted. My goal is to actually get to know our neighbors. And it’s been really sweet. We had two of our neighbors come for game night and we were up till like midnight playing Sequence! Hahaha. I pray they see Jesus in us and in our home. It’s all for His glory. And like I said, we have some great neighbors. HahahaIMG_1518IMG_1519

Annual blueberry picking with friends!IMG_1524IMG_1533IMG_1538IMG_1540IMG_1542IMG_1557IMG_1571IMG_1568

We celebrated Jonathan turning TWO this month. We went out for dinner and then ice cream!


VBS at our new church! We had dinner at the church with all the families and this night was Kenyan night. We had a delicious Kenyan dinner. SO delicious! img_20190725_175357746_hdr

I was a crew leader at VBS. The kids had so much fun!! They were sad when it ended. Hahahimg_20190726_173531592

Cherry picking with dear friends. We drove to hood river to pick cherries and then went to the waterfront for water play and dinner outside.img_20190728_153252713img_20190728_153358264img_20190728_153826329img_20190728_153918580img_20190728_160929838img_20190728_161234640

After playing in the water we had pizza for dinner. Yay!img_20190728_181618756

Love this picture of all of us. Curtis and I are trying to figure out how we can get a compound and live with these dear friends! LOL. We still have that dream for communal living!! Hahah67234312_1340096902822260_2427008692378402816_nreceived_334715540813045

My friend Julie and I at a pool party. She moved away this month. And it was another hard loss for our community. Curtis and I are praying how we can continue to have an open heart, even with loss. Last week we had another goodbye party for some other close friends!! It’s so hard to see dear friends leave!


The day after cherry picking. The kids got sick and were all tired and worn out the next day!


On one of our nature days with our friends! Exploring the local wetlands! And eating wild blackerries while we are hiking.img_20190731_113243686

We’ve returned to visiting my Afghanistan friend every Friday morning. We practice her English and go over the English lessons/homework. I feel incredibly blessed by her hospitality. Some snacks and tea while we go over homework and watch our kids run around and play. There is always endless pots of tea at her house. It’s amazing.


James taking a break from playing to sit and eat some snacks with Aminah and I!img_20190726_104525047

Another pic from blueberry picking. I want to go back and get as many pounds as I can to freeze and store for winter. Berries are expensive in the winter! I love this time of year. IMG_1860

Ev and one of her bff’s had a special girls playdate this month!


Well, these are just a few snapshots of the month!