June 2019

Here are some photos from last month. My brain is so fuzzy from not sleeping enough these last few years…I don’t even remember what I did this weekend. Anyways, I am thankful to have some photos to remember what some of our days look like. First, some camera photos.

I had to capture this scene. I don’t even know how this happened, but, here are Ev and Jon napping together.



Grandma came to visit while Curtis spoke at a conference in Canada. Thank you, Pam! The kids had so much fun with her and I did too!IMG_1260IMG_1243


I hosted a friend’s babyshower. SO MANY BABIES!IMG_1118IMG_1114

Some school stuff. We are still doing school stuff this summer. It’s just been really laid back.IMG_1110IMG_1108

We had some friends over for Father’s Day to do our annual whiskey and pie thing. I made old fashion’s for everyone and it was so fun!IMG_1224

Brown sugar Bourban and peach pie!IMG_1223

The morning of fathers day. Opening presents and cards. We love you Curtis! We went to church, then indian food for lunch, and then naps for everyone. We barbecued for dinner and then we had friends over for dessert and whiskey. I hope you felt loved, Curtis. You’re an amazing dad.IMG_1220IMG_1219

The kids and I did our annual starwberry picking with friends. The kids ate more than they picked, but it was so fun to see them run around the strawberry fields with their buddies. We froze most of them. I didn’t can any this year, because I don’t have time anymore. Having three mobile kids keeps me so busy. It’s hard to text people back or do anything really! Hahaha. I miss the days when Jon napped a couple times a day and I could make stuff, can, garden, or be in the kitchen more. Just a season. I keep telling myself this!IMG_1298IMG_1293IMG_1291IMG_1289IMG_1282

Oregon strawberries are different! This is the Hood variety. They are smaller, but soooooo sweet and delicious!IMG_1288IMG_1279IMG_1274

This summer we are following the Exploring Nature with Kids curriculum. We did a pollinators theme. The kids are painting and reviewing the anatomy of a bee.



The reality of school days. While Jon naps we all grab our school stuff and run to the living room. I make another cup of coffee and messes are made. 2pm right here. James is done with what we have been doing. So, while I try and help Ev finish her work, James is ripping paper and throwing it all over the living room. Fun times. IMG_1332IMG_1329

We went camping with our new church! We are now going to smaller church  that has a strong focus on missions. It feels like home and we’ve only been there for a couple months! HahahahIMG_1324

We shared a site with these sweet friends. Camping is so much easier with others!IMG_1321



We hiked up to the swimming hole at the campground. The kids splashed and looked for crawdads. We had a huge campfire with the church one night and roasted smores and hungout until bedtime. This was our most successful camping trip with kids. A miracle! Makes us excited for our next camping trip next month. IMG_1319IMG_1318

James had a birthday this month! He turned FOUR! Curtis took him on a donut date while Evie and I decorated and prepped for his birthday breakfast. We made pancakes and then got ready for church. We came back for naps and then Curtis and I got things ready for James’ party. This year, we decided to have his birthday at a local park. We actually did a combo party for James and Jon. It was so fun! We grilled hotdogs, ate treats, played and ran around, and then ended the day with playing in the splashpad with his buddies.


The four year old and almost two year old!IMG_1397

After the party and splashpad, we came home for cake and more presents. We invited our sweet neighbors and hung out on our patio till late. IMG_1400


Other stuff this month:

Watering all the plants.


Ev lost TWO teeth!img_20190625_132028599

We also celebrated my birthday this month. Curtis and I went on special date to Han Oak and then pie and coffee after. I had a watercolor/painting night with my friends to celebrate too. They made me an ice cream cake I have been craving and we painted, laughed, and drank rose. Such a blessing!

Right before I went to my friends house (who was hosting the party) Jon threw up and he was on day 3 of vomiting. I was hesistant to go to the party because I was so worried about Jon. Curtis made me go and  I told him to call me after he called the advice nurse. Long story short, I got a text hours later. Curtis had taken Jon to urgent care because of dehydration! He woke up the older two and he managed urgent care with THREE kids after bedtime hours. Meanwhile, I was having a fun time with friends! Hahaha. My husband is amazing. P.S. Jon was totally fine. Just a random virus.


The big kids did their first VBS at a friends church! I had only one kid every morning for a whole week. It was awesome. Hahahah


They did the VBS with their preschool co-op friends. They had a blast.Resized_20190627_120939

Date night with Curtis!


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