May 2019

May was a funny month for me. We spent 17 days in California and getting back to Portland and our normal routine was a little rough. The kids had too much fun, lots of spoiling and sugar, and literally had no routine for most of the month. Now, that it’s June we are feeling a little normalcy again. My body and brain shut down the day we got back to Portland and I was out for like a week. Hahaha. Traveling solo for 2 weeks with all three kids was more exhausting than I thought. Plus having to figure out my dad’s health stuff…it was a pretty crazy couple weeks. But, I am thankful we did get to go. And even though there was some tough things on the trip, we had some good times too.  I didn’t take many photos this month, since I didn’t want carry my clunky camera around most days. First some camera photos that I or friends took.

Our neighbor took this photo of us trying to figure out traveling with three littles. We are smiling, but, Curtis and I were sweating!


Made it to CA. Kids were so excited.


Double date with these two! It was really great to hang with so many of the cousins…WITHOUT children. YAY!img_20190426_221121865

Game night. We went to bed so late. I paid for it the next day. SO TIRED. I’m so old. I can’t hang.img_20190427_215029796

The kids favorite thing about CA….the grandparents and cousins! img_20190429_171517051

I was able to leave the kids with Jimmy and Pam one day, so I drove to Modesto for some quality time with my parents, sister, and nephew. img_20190430_132905359

Aquarium with grandma and grandpa! This day was really fun. To top it off, we went swimming with the cousins after the aquarium. img_20190502_110205057_hdrimg_20190502_113545293_hdrimg_20190502_133513599

Patiently waiting for ice cream. Ice cream for dinner. These kids living their best lives.img_20190502_165305898_hdrimg_20190502_165315711

Girls night with the cousins. Wine and dessert! I got to get out alot…solo and with friends. Thanks Jimmy and Pam for watching the kids, so I could have grown up time!!img_20190502_200653640

We drove to San Jose to see my Abuelita and Tia’s. My kids had pan dulce for the first time and I drank my Tia’s famous cafe con canela. Mmmmm. My Abuelita didn’t remember me and parts of this visit were sad, but, I am thankful my kids were able to see her. img_20190504_110945393

On another day we went to the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History with grandma and then tacos on the beach. The kids really loved the museum. It was totally their jam.img_20190509_134720661_hdr

Back in Modesto. We got to see my old highschool friend. Her son had a birthday and we joined the party. And we ate all the homemade tacos. Yumm.


In Modesto with my sister. It was SO warm. I’ve missed the sun. HAHAHAimage-1

James playing my brother in law’s drum set. James is now asking for one for his birthday.img_2384

One last ice cream date with my sister and nephew. The meltdown of the year happened right after this outing. So many tears. Including me! Parenting strong willed children is no cake walk.img_2456

Back in Santa Cruz. So much driving back and forth had me exhausted by the end our stay. This was their first time riding rides at the boardwalk. They loved it!received_515322062206082received_934187420084894


Heading back home on Mother’s Day. img_20190512_222618281img_20190512_222845501

How we spent our days back in Portland. We were all so tired from our travels. img_20190513_163926285_hdr


Back in Portland. Hanging out with friends and holding new babies. img_20190517_123027391

Back at it with our nature and hiking days.

IMG_8698 (1)


Hosting co-op at our house.resized_20190522_102247-1

Another birthday party with friends. May was filled with birthday parties!!img_1729-1


Now to REAL camera photos. We had friends over for dinner the day before we flew to CA.


We studied butterflies in May. We saw them form a Chrysalis and we saw one emerge before we left on our trip!IMG_0904IMG_0905IMG_0907IMG_0910

Playdough play. Making “tortillas” Love my Mexican kiddos. HahahaIMG_0993

We went on a fieldtrip to the local fire station and then walked to a coffee shop for homemade donuts.IMG_0998IMG_0999


The kids on their last day of nature school. They get a bead after they complete a session. They are off for the summer.IMG_1017

This was my kids classroom one day week. Rain or shine. So lovely! And I’m also really proud of them. Hiking around in all the elements for a couple hours is not easy!IMG_1020

Memorial day weekend. We had our community group over for a BBQ. My friend, Annie shucking the corn with the kids. IMG_1021

We have been learning about gravity and rockets this month too. “Gravity Painting”IMG_1025

Last day of pre-school co-op! Seriously, so sad! This little co-op has been an incredible blessing to me. Especially, during the time of really hard postpartum days. This community carried me the last two years. I am so thankful. And now, a new season begins!IMG_1027

We celebrated the end of the year with waffles…because it is now a tradition. IMG_1033

Talking about the moon and craters. IMG_1049

Experiments. Talking about rockets and “thrust”. How fast will they go?!!IMG_1051IMG_1053IMG_1055

Evie is doing ballet. Curtis takes her on Saturday mornings. She loves it.IMG_1056IMG_1065IMG_1066

We are back in the gardening game. We paid our community garden dues and began by weeding this mess. Another gardening season begins and I am excited. IMG_1087IMG_1093IMG_1099IMG_1100


It’s been really good to be back home. I told Curtis that this last trip to CA was great because it gave me closure. I know God led us to Portland, but, it’s been a hard 3 years trying to establish our young family, all while missing family, our people and life in Santa Cruz. After three years in Portland, I can finally say this is HOME. And it feels really good to say that. I was so excited to be back in Portland and get back into our life here. I had missed our co-op, our people, our nature days, our fieldtrips, my mom friends, and our home. I feel incredibly grateful for the life we are making here. Thanks to my brave husband, who forged the way!