April 2019

I had such a weird time uploading these photos. They are super scattered and all over place. I am too tired to fix them hahahaha.

I am uploading photos again while dinner is cooking and the kids play outside. THANK YOU SPRING!!  And hooray for backyards and children that play independently! Even if it’s just for a few minutes. I am almost positive they are getting into some sort of trouble and Jonathan will come inside covered in mud or something. Oh well.

I just came back from therapy and feeling super grateful and looking through these photos only amplifies my gratitude. I love this little family Curtis and I are raising. We are broke and pretty much always exhausted and have more stressed out days than relaxed…BUT, these little people are such BLESSINGS.

Anyways, this week to fly out to CA and I won’t be back till mid May, so I thought I would post these photos before my memory card gets super full.

Today I am dragging. We hosted Easter at our house yesterday and I am wiped! And because we had people over after church in the morning and had a full house until 4:30 or so, I ended up staying up till midnight recharging and basking in the quiet and alone time. Introverts are weird. Hahaha. Saturday was full with two birthday parties and then last minute we were like, let’s build a firepit outside! We (Curtis) finished at like 10pm and then we were frantically cleaning our house for guests the next day. And then I remember I still had to prep the kids Easter baskets and fill plastic eggs for the egg hunt at our house. Apparently, I don’t like to sleep?!!


Pictures from Easter yesterday. Look at this handsome boy! Love this feisty boy.

IMG_0889 (1)

Jonathan with his buddy on Easter. Can’t believe Jonathan is now hanging out with the big kids.IMG_0875IMG_0870

Now a picture with one of her BFF’s on Easter Sunday.IMG_0866

This is our attempt at Easter photos. This was at the end of the day when the kids were tired and dirty from playing all day. We tried!IMG_0859IMG_0856

After the egg hunt at our house. Friends brought so many eggs. I think we had 3 different egg hunts. So hilarious.IMG_0846IMG_0843

The kids waiting while grown ups hide the eggs!IMG_0832IMG_0829

On good Friday we dyed eggs. It was actually the most relaxing egg dye we had. Mainly because Jonathan was sleeping for most of it. And also because Curtis was home. Yay! IMG_0781IMG_0780IMG_0777IMG_0776IMG_0775IMG_0774IMG_0771

We also made hot cross buns! I’ve made them before with them and it’s been chaos. It went so good this year! I can definitely see things getting easier as they get older. Look at them kneading. Precious.IMG_0763IMG_0762IMG_0759

My favorite baking assistant. IMG_0758

More Easter family photos!IMG_0863IMG_0852

My friends new baby. He is giving Curtis and I baby fever. His first Easter!IMG_0850


This month we’ve been studying birds and butterflies.


We made bird nests from things we found from a hike. Also, James cut his hair. He gave himself super short bangs. IMG_0679 (1)IMG_0681 (1)IMG_0682 (1)IMG_0683 (1)

Homeschool Co-op at our house. Painting pots and then planting seeds. Spring theme is strong over here. IMG_0693 (1)IMG_0695 (1)

More homeschool stuff. Math lessons over here.IMG_0708 (1)IMG_0709 (1)IMG_0711 (1)IMG_0712 (1)IMG_0713 (1)

This is how I kept Jonathan entertained while I worked with the other kids. Ev made butterflies and James joined Jonathan with pipecleaner play.IMG_0722 (1)

During circle time, we talked about the life cycle of the butterfly and pretended they were caterpillars in a cocoon. We sang a song while I wrapped them up and then they broke FREE and pretended to fly around the house.IMG_0637 (1)IMG_0639 (1)

Jonathan joined in too. IMG_0649 (1)

Jonathan was here. My poor plants. And also my house! IMG_0672 (1)

Our favorite family meal: Pad Thai. Look how happy Evie looks! IMG_0677 (1)IMG_0678 (1)

I love this girl. Helping with the hot cross buns. IMG_0757 (1)IMG_0769 (1)

The kids set up a tea party for us! Evie said, “it’s because we are really good parents”. She even added dried oranges to the tea! And rose hips?! Lol.IMG_0725 (1)IMG_0726 (1)

Easter/Spring party at co-op. Craft time and then we made “resurrection rolls”IMG_0732 (1)IMG_0744 (1)


Back home the kids set up a “nature store” They made “nature shakes” and apparently they are really healthy and delicious. I love their imagination!IMG_0753 (1)

We also went on a family hike on Good Friday. Jonathan hiked the way. This was a perfect toddler hike.IMG_0787 (1)IMG_0790 (1)

We got to see wild flowers in bloom! These are Oregon’s Camas flowers. IMG_0794 (1)IMG_0798 (1)IMG_0799 (1)IMG_0800 (1)IMG_0803 (1)

Jonathan helping out with the crosses. IMG_0813 (1)IMG_0818 (1)

These pictures are all over the place! More Easter brunch photos. IMG_0827 (1)

The waffle maker was going non stop for like 3 hours. We fed 30ish people with it…crazy! IMG_0828 (1)

The steam coming from the waffle maker. Whoa.


Happenings at co-op and some phone photos.


At our weekly nature days searching for wildflowers.


Lunch with new friends after church. Sizzle Pie Pizza is delicious.img_20190414_123121678img_20190414_123056738img_20190414_123051378

Went to the wetlands in North Portland with our Wild and Free group,img_20190412_110949743_hdr

Visiting Curtis at work and having a quick lunch. And also, look who got a haircut!img_20190410_140923657img_20190410_133315849_hdr

Jonathan did too. He was not happy about it!img_20190406_162821426

Curtis and I finally going to the Science Friday event. I got him tickets for his birthday. We had mystery cocktails served to us and we had to try to guess the ingredients. img_20190405_192526744img_20190405_184023589


That’s it for April. It took me days to finish this post! Tomorrow we leave. And apparently I like to procrastinate and invited friends over for dinner instead of actually packing and getting ready for our trip. Typical me. I hate packing! My friend took this photo of me and another sweet friend and goodness, look at that BLUE sky. We see so much grey over the winter, the blue sky is such a gift!!!


March 2019

Here are some snapshots from last month. Feeling really thankful for Spring and warmer weather and for the fact that my kids are playing (all THREE) outside while I sit in the kitchen and upload photos. I love that Jonathan is in a stage where he can play in our backyard with his siblings without me hovering around. Hahaha I hear them play, Paw Patrol right now.

First some phone photos.

Now, that is drier we have been hitting up the parks. Although, Jonathan is more interested in playing with the sticks these days.


Here we are on our nature day checking out some local wetlands. Jonathan has the best looks. HahahaIMG_20190328_104426934

I’m doing another sugar fast, so I am drinking green smoothies and pretending it’s ice cream. IMG_20190403_142931647_HDR


My friend takes the best pictures of my kids. Here are some photos of Jonathan at one of afternoon hikes.IMG_9116IMG_9118IMG_9119

On another hike with the Wild and Free group. Carrying all the babies. Hahaha. Oh mom life.



Oh you know, just feeling thankful for sunshine and spring over here. img_20190324_170848210

Jonathan’s first time in shorts. He loved it. Kept feeling his legs and smiling. We have been living in base layers and rainsuits, so yea….we are happy for the changing of seasons.img_20190324_170642112img_20190324_121713358

We have been dating lots lately. Finally. It’s the best. Out for his birthday this night.img_20190321_204235872img_20190321_204232104


On another night. Curtis has been joining me at canning club lately. It’s been so fun! We got margaritas and chips and salsa after canning club last month!img_20190306_212412

Curtis took the kids out on some daddy kid dates last month. Sushi, coffee, and book stores with Evie. In her happy place. img_20190303_123004681_burst000_cover_topimg_20190303_121743401img_20190303_121734286


On another date with Curtis. We had some northern Thai food. It was spicy and sooooo good. Hat Yai is incredibly delicious. Would def go again!img_20190302_165908942IMG_0562

Celebrating birthdays with our community group. I think we had 4 birthdays in March?!IMG_0554IMG_0544

I love watching him eat. Hahaha. Eating up all the curry. Mmmmmm.IMG_0541

Ev has started to listen to Box Car Children. She is obsessed. Here is her picture of the kids and the book. IMG_0537

REAL LIFE. While I try to accomplish anything (ex. dinner) Jonathan makes a mess or destroys something or climbs on something. Evie and James fighting over something. Ughhh I am so tired. Life with little ones is stretching me in ways I could never imagine.




We had a birthday party for Curtis. Pizza, a keg from a local brewery, pie, whiskey, and friends. Love this man! IMG_0523

Ev took so many random photos at the party. IMG_0505

Of course Curtis got whiskey for his birthday. People know him. HahahaIMG_0501

Some whiskey tasting at the end of the party.IMG_0499IMG_0497

I didn’t make anything for the party. Costco pizza for the win!IMG_0496

Another park day! James looking like such a big kid these days. Also, pictured my iced coffee. It feels so warm in the 60’s….so ice coffee it is. Oh how has Oregon changed me.IMG_0489IMG_0488IMG_0479IMG_0474


Curtis on his birthday with his kids. Little blessings. IMG_0468IMG_0461IMG_0457

My wonky cake. I made a chocolate Paleo cake and then couldn’t find stuff to make frosting, so i just whipped up some cream cheese frosting. So messy and not pretty, but good!IMG_0452

Opening gifts from the kids.IMG_0449After work the kids and I made a charcuterie board and opened up champagne for our little family celebration. Later the neighbors later brought him some homemade pie and then we rushed out for our date night! IMG_0444IMG_0440


Jonathan dragging a stick while we picked up the big kids from nature school.IMG_0430IMG_0426IMG_0424


Oh does this sum up our daughter. Hahaha I love her and her free spirit. But, oh man, does it test me. IMG_0420IMG_0417

We made playdough with beet root and added cinnamon and dried chamomile for preschool co-op. IMG_0414IMG_0412

Lunch time with my crew.IMG_0404


Making paleo blueberry muffins for school one day.IMG_0401IMG_0399


We invited a new family for brunch last month. Trying to incorporate more hospitality into our lives. Even in this crazy messy season of young children and exhaustion. We have used this waffle maker SOOOO much in Portland. Thanks, Nana! Brunch is the best for parents and kiddos. IMG_0392IMG_0390


Our beautiful shelf thanks to canning club. IMG_0386

I made New Mexico Red Chili sauce for canning club last month. Curtis canned something too! He made cara cara jam for his first canning project. IMG_0383IMG_0369IMG_0368

Playing in all weather. Oh these Oregon children.IMG_0363 (1)

I hosted preschool co-op most of the month in March. And my mama friends bring homemade kombucha and it’s the best. This day my friend brought her Orange and Clove Kombucha. So good. IMG_0357IMG_0356

Making more sourdough bread! yayyyy!!! Have I told you I am obsessed? IMG_0351IMG_0349

I want to write more about our routine and rhythm for this last month, but, no time. In short, I joined a Charlotte Mason book club and we are embracing more free play, more nature days and open ended projects, baking, cooking, messy experiments, and lots of read alouds/books.


I gotta go now. I hear my toddler destroying and throwing things now!IMG_0180