February 2019

February is so funny. It’s such a short month, but it feels really long here. It’s rainy and cold and we are just ready for spring and sunshine! This winter has felt pretty mild. Except for this month. SO MUCH SNOW! There have been lots of snow and home days and sickness too. We got hit with ANOTHER stomach bug this month too. Vomit everywhere for like a week. Started with Ev, then the boys, then Curtis. Now, we’ve been dealing colds. Ughhh.

Anyways, here some stuff that happened this month. February we did lots of Valentine’s craft, not much baking since most of us were sick off and on, and for school we continued with our animals in hibernation theme, studied weather and clouds, and learned about the water cycle.

Jon has officially joined us for crafts and school. I’m not gonna lie, it’s chaotic and a mess. We are still trying to figure out a rhythm. So far, this month has meant playing mostly all morning, doing a circle time and then crafts/activities at the table. And in the afternoon we do Ev’s curriculum when Jon is sleeping. I’ve tried to do it in the morning, but it’s really hard to focus on her stuff when Jon is dumping water or screaming because he wants to nurse or dumping paints and crafts or eating paper or putting things in his mouth. I honestly don’t know how we make it!


James drawing pictures with the never ending laundry in the background. IMG_9938

We hosted a superbowl party this month. Curtis made SO much chili! This is just one pot of chili. And we somehow crammed 35 people in our tiny house. Most of them tiny children. Oh the noise!!IMG_9941

The newest baby in our co-op. Seriously the sweetest. All these babies give me serious baby fever.


The dads hanging out watching the actual game. And kids sprawled everywhere!! I didn’t take many photos at the party, but it was such a sweet time having people over for food and hanging out.IMG_9952IMG_9955


Snow days mean hot chocolate. Meaning we drank tons of hot chocolate this month. Hahaha


Jon helping me make french toast. I forgot to add salt to my sourdough bread, so I turned into french toast the next day. IMG_0012

More Valentine’s crafting. Marble painting. IMG_0019IMG_0020

Ev making her valentine cards for her co-op friends and Jonathan causing trouble under the table. IMG_0023IMG_0024

We learned about the water cycle this month. James adding sharks and other animals to his water cycle picture. IMG_0026IMG_0029

SO much snow play this month!IMG_0030IMG_0039IMG_0047IMG_0048IMG_0051IMG_0059IMG_0067IMG_0070

Yes, more hot chocolate shots. Also, the kids lived in their base layers this month. SO cold!IMG_0073

Ev is really getting into reading. She is still a beginner, but its so fun to see her gain confidence and interest. I found her reading one of her Bob books to Jon.IMG_0078

And then I found her reading another one to the boys in our faux fireplace. My heart.IMG_0084


Trying to keep them all busy all day, everyday is feat! IMG_0085IMG_0089


Valentines party at preschool co-op. We made heart shaped pancakes!IMG_0116IMG_0122IMG_0123

Grandparents came to visit! Yay!!! Look at Jonathan’s face here. Love this baby!IMG_0130

We celebrated Pam’s birthday while she was here!IMG_0155IMG_9965IMG_9970

My evening routine about three times a week. Trying to master that sourdough bread!IMG_9971

More snow!IMG_9983IMG_9985IMG_9992

My loaf of sourdough! This is my first successful one. Except that my scoring really needs help. I bought a lame and that has made such a difference! IMG_9995

Breakfast scenes.IMG_0161IMG_0164IMG_0202

James starting to write his name. I love it so much.IMG_0203

Ev is really into writing right now. Sounding out everything and trying to figure it out. It’s fun see how she phonetically spells out words. She wrote, “I’m sad ubout TV”. Kids got grounded from the TV this month…she was really upset about it!IMG_0204


The lame made such a difference. Look at the scoring on this loaf! So much better.IMG_0207


Loaf #3. I’m getting addicted! I keep giving it away because I shouldn’t eat so much bread. Hahaha!IMG_0210

Love that these kids go outside no matter the weather. It was chilly this day!IMG_0227

Me in a nut shell this season. Coffee in hand, kids all over me, and laundry sprawled everywhere.


Did I mention we had alot of snow days this month?! hahaha


Trying to keep this little one busy, while I work with the big kids! Smash the playdough!IMG_0247IMG_0249IMG_0253

More weather learning and experimenting. IMG_0259

Ev finished the level K Primer with our curriculum. Now to the course…Level K. She was really proud of herself.IMG_0305

Hanging out in the back property of our house and exploring.IMG_0306IMG_0308

Look at our blackberry bushes!!IMG_0313IMG_0315IMG_0318IMG_0322

We went on a walk to the near by park/trail by our house and did more exploring. IMG_0330IMG_0333IMG_0336IMG_0337

Trying to motivate this girl to practice reading her books. Completing reading log means earning something. She earned a “hatchimal” this month.IMG_0346


Jon fell asleep while I was chatting with a friend. I guess the snow really tuckered him out!


We got to go on a double date with these precious people. It was such a nice time!


Curtis and I got away for Valentine’s Day. We were excited to GET OUT!img_20190214_171355445_hdr

Nature days with friends.IMG_8676IMG_8675IMG_8677IMG_8681IMG_8680


It’s March! And spring is near!!

January 2019

Oh man, I am so so exhausted! Curtis and I spent the whole day prepping for tomorrow’s party and then watching our friends kiddos and I’m wondering why I am on this laptop uploading photos. Hahaha. I didn’t take many photos this month. I just wasn’t in the mood to take photos. I just wanted to be. Here are some pictures that I did take though! I shared some photos Curtis took too.

Can I just say that January was such a long month?! The winter here has been mild so far and there has been plenty of sunshine, but, the kids and I just had a really hard time recovering from the holidays. We didn’t do any formal school for the majority of the month. We played, stayed in our pj’s, played with friends, listened to lots of stories and well…just hibernated. Hahaha. I haven’t had much motivation to do much. I can be such a busy body! It’s been a good month of rest. I really needed it. We all needed it. But, now, I am ready to jump back into our routine. Or rather, come up with a new one since Jonathan dropping his morning nap is messing with our wonderful rhythm!

Here we are in front our (new to us) van. Feeling blessed! Thanks to our wonderful family! Have I mentioned Curtis hates selfies?!



Last weekend we took a much needed family day. We hopped on the train and went to downtown and explored. We took the kids to Powell’s Books and then had lunch out, which we pretty much never do with the kids! It was nice to give ourselves a treat. It was such a restful and fun day. It was nice not to look at our to do list, prep for the week ahead, cook lunch, run errands, and do the grocery shopping. I have been eating up this series on the Sabbath. It’s soooo good! I am praying how we as a family can incorporate more rest and intention. Having this “day off” to go into town felt like Sabbath. Such a sweet time of connection as a family…to just BE together.



A terrible photo really, but, I want to remember it always. Me and my BABY! He is seriously the snuggliest. My little co-sleeping buddy. I love him this fire cracker of a baby. img_20190130_191703244

Curtis and I went on three dates this month. Go us!!! We even left the kids during witching hour (5:30pm-8:30pm) to go to a whiskey event. I was slightly nervous, but, the kids did great!


A couple homeschooling moms eating tacos and celebrating birthdays on a dreary rainy winter night!



Ev carrying around the Bluetooth speaker listening to her audio stories. Just finished, Little House in the Big Woods.


We’ve been making lots of smoothies lately!


I go to therapy on Mondays. My friend watched my kids this past Monday and I came back and she folded ALL my laundry and cleaned and scrubbed my WHOLE kitchen and living room. Seriously, I am in awe of the outpouring that the Lord continues to show me through amazing human beings.



2018 was pretty tough in many ways. The transition to three kids (so close together!) really rocked our worlds. This devotional has been a blessing to this weary mama. But, I am praising God because he is good! Even in our toughest times. Even in our trials. He is with us. He goes before us and His mercies are new everyday!! IMG_9859

Dinner time with the family. My favorite.


Looking through the Chronicles of Narnia book while Evie and dad make beer in the garage.


Look at my handsome guy!! Making another batch of brew and starting new projects in the garage. He is my favorite human being.IMG_9837IMG_9835


More smoothies!!IMG_9830IMG_9822

We did attempt school some days. Letter H theme.


Evie working in her workbook while James plays with playdough. Do you see the toddler about ruin a peaceful moment? Now that Jonathan is awake during our normal morning school time, things are trickier to do. It is fun to have him join our circle time though. He claps and dances and “sings” along. So cute. IMG_9811IMG_9808

It’s 3pm. Still in our jammies. James working on crafts and Ev still in her room listening to audio books. She didn’t want to stop!


Another mom friend and I threw a baby sprinkle for a dear friend. I was in charge of the food…because I love love food. Which reminds me, I joined a gym! Because, well, I love food. I want to eat all the food….So yea, exercise for me is a must! Also, this Orange Olive Oil cake was delicious. A great brunch cake!IMG_9796

Our sweet friend Alex. Can’t wait to hold this baby!


Pacific Northwest yards in the winter….MUDDY!!!


Hibernation theme this month.


We made tamales the first weekend of January. Yum! IMG_9788IMG_9787IMG_9784IMG_9783IMG_9781

Look at all this sunshine!! So rare for winter here. Hahaha! Also, yes, more pajama pictures. Seriously, we lived in pajamas this month. IMG_9775IMG_9774

I’ve been coordinating mom brunches with our mom’s ministry at church since September. They are kidless and we eat yummy food and drink all the coffee and have all the uninterrupted conversation! I love this mama so much.


We had another sunny day in January, so we skipped co-op and we all went to the zoo! Preschool day at the zoo! We are missing a couple kids, but here we are.


The girls copying the flamingos. Hahaha! James ended up with a fever that afternoon and had it for a couple days. It’s so hard when your kids get sick! Sickness is another reason why this month was so long. I can’t wait for spring!!


Also this month we celebrated THREE YEARS in Portland. Crazy, crazy!