December 2018

We are entering another winter in Oregon. I really do love the changing of seasons. But, I will definitely be ready for some sunshine come February. December was actually really quiet for us. We didn’t do any of our Christmas outings, which I’m a little sad about. But, we needed some quiet this month. And the not to mention some stressful stuff like our car getting stolen the week before Christmas…it was a weird month!

We actually took the whole month off with school stuff and just focused on advent and Christmas activities. Lots of baking, home days, crafts, and movies.


We ended the month with 10 days in California. It was a really sweet time reconnecting with friends and family. Curtis and I got to go on a couple dates, so that was fun. This is us outside of the Red Room. I made Curtis take so many selfies and he was just over it. Hahaha


On our flight back. Traveling is so freaking stressful with so many young children. Lots of deep breathing and praying. Also, look at all our stuff. SO MUCH KID STUFF!IMG_20181230_174732378

The candlelight service at Vintage. I miss this place and how comfortable and homey it feels to me. I attempted to leave Jonathan at the nursery. Didn’t work. And it was pretty crazy juggling him during a service that was suppose to be quiet and mellow. I was sweating…This baby is feisty!IMG_20181224_170149466IMG_20181224_165437309

On one of our dates. We borrowed Curtis’ dad car and drove around, had lunch and coffee, and enjoyed the warm sunshine!IMG_20181222_112606



Back in Portland. On the night we flew to CA, we had our community group Christmas Party. We had pizza and wine, had all the sugary treats, and sang carols and did an white elephant gift exchange. Love these people.


One of the biggest blessings last year was joining our small group. We have only known them for a year-ish, but, goodness do these people love well. They continue to teach me a ton about hospitality, welcoming others, and giving generously and freely. The sweetest card with the sweetest gift for our family during a hard time. I have it on my fridge to remind me of the goodness we have here…especially on hard days when homesickness hits and we miss our people.


Love my friend Annie. She is always up for adventuring with me. We went on a hike with our kids and it was pouring rain!! Hahahaha. It got so bad that we walked back after 20 minutes and drove to the OMSI museum instead. HahahaIMG_20181220_102243

At our preschool co-op Christmas Party! We had a dance party, decorated Christmas cookies, wore our Christmas pajamas, and ended our last day of co-op with some hot chocolate.IMG_20181219_111212IMG_20181219_105841IMG_20181219_104833

So, I think I mentioned the lack of dates Curtis and I have had this last year. We are trying to do better. We went on a few dates in December. This picture was taken at the second place we went to and we stayed out till like 10:30, which is SUPER late for us. It was so nice!IMG_20181207_221559558


Thursday mornings are nature day. This day was freezing and windy! Do you see Jonathan in the middle of the swing? Cutie pie.IMG_20181206_105500433IMG_20181206_103545785


On a walk with a new friend. A friend from back in Santa Cruz introduced us and it’s really great when friend blind dates end up successful. IMG_20181204_113751836_BURST001

On another nature day at Leach Botanical Gardens. We love it there.



I hosted co-op at our house a couple times this month. I look so disheveled, but I am in my happy place.



Some advent activities this month. Love these tradition of ours.



We followed Slow and Sacred Advent Guide this month. It really made for special memories. This is after singing, Joy to the World, and lighting our candle. IMG_9487IMG_9486IMG_9481

We built gingerbread houses, had a Polar Express night with hot chocolate, more christmas movies with popcorn, made gingerbread men, and hosted more preschool co-op days at our house. IMG_9470IMG_9452IMG_9451IMG_9444IMG_9436IMG_9431



This was scene while I tried to make dinner one night. We were having some new friends over for dinner (this was actually our first time meeting, hahahaha) and Curtis was had a late dentist appointment and I was frantically trying to make this deliciousness. The only thing that kept the kids busy was this…toilet paper rolls. They were literally throwing them across the hallway and acting like completely crazies. The whole time I was wondering why do keep inviting people into our CRAZY?!! hahahaIMG_9411IMG_9396IMG_9503IMG_9510IMG_9513IMG_9515IMG_9394

Cookie making and decorating with her bestie. It was really crazy with all the kids. Curtis kept brewing coffee for the grown ups. We needed it! HahahaIMG_9382IMG_9380

I had to take Jonathan out during the cookie making. He has so much energy for a 17 month old! IMG_9376IMG_9375IMG_9371IMG_9365


Making spelt chocolate chip cookies with the kiddos while we snack on kale chips. This was the state of kitchen most of December. And this is why I gained like 10 pounds this past month! IMG_9362IMG_9358


We had some playdates this month.IMG_9351


I had to document this precious moment. Everyone playing quietly and together while Christmas music was blasting and I had cookies in the oven. This moment gave me so much life. IMG_9348


Our memory verse this month. And James’ first verse he memorized. SO SO SWEET.IMG_9340




Another co-op day at our house. Snack and craft time!IMG_9326IMG_9312


We had some friends over for waffles after church. Incredibly thankful for this cozy home and for people to share it with. Our friends are vegan, so we attempted vegan waffles and they were a little tricky to make…but coffee and waffles on a dreary Sunday hit the spot! IMG_9306IMG_9310


And more CA photos. Beach play with the Pao’s is must. Maybe next time I will learn and bring extra clothes for the kids. IMG_9561IMG_9564


My dad’s birthday celebration! We had such a sweet time with my family. We attempted some group photos with my sisters and our babies. We ended the party with some dancing. Just like we always do when my family gets together. HahahaIMG_9581IMG_9593IMG_9598IMG_9614IMG_9621IMG_9633


Our last day in CA, we decided to stay at the beach till sunset. It was really beautiful and warm (at least for us!).IMG_9636IMG_9646IMG_9655IMG_9686IMG_9692


Coffee and pastries with the cousins after church Sunday morning. Heart filled! IMG_9753

Also, the Ev and James wrote on the wall at nana’s. So special! IMG_9765IMG_9769IMG_9759