November 2018



Some November photos. Totally out of order! The weekend after Thanksgiving we got a tree and it was pure joy decorating and listening to Christmas music. I planned on having the kids bake with me after we decorated…but, everyone started to meltdown, so we had rest time instead. Rest time wins. Always. IMG_9190IMG_9182IMG_9168IMG_9152IMG_9125IMG_9118IMG_9114IMG_9095IMG_9088IMG_9085IMG_9083IMG_9067



This is our third year hosting friendsgiving and it was bittersweet. We’ve spent the last three years celebrating thanksgiving with two precious families. And one them moved last year to another city, so we hardly see them now! And the other family is moving to Boston! This was our last night with them. They were the first friends we made in Portland. And honestly, they ended up being like family. We did so much together. Thinking about December without them makes me weepy. In addition, we were feeling SO SO SAD about not being at Nana’s for Thanksgiving. Curtis and I spent the whole day cooking, watching the Thanksgiving parade, and honestly feeling sad about being away from family AND THEN feeling sad, that our dear friends in Portland are also leaving. BUT, it was so good to spend time with friends and open our home.

A photo I took after our guests left. I wish I could have taken more photos. But, I was busy hanging out! We made a batch of Manhattan’s and I had fun preparing the pretty cocktails. Our home smelled like apple cider and our stomach’s were full with delicious things!


Our Menu

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad
Triple Mushroom Green Bean Casserole
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Butternut Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole
Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Maple Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Buttermilk crust


Most afternoons look this. Making forts and jumping off everything because I breed hyper children.


Just some school stuff. We’ve been digging into a leaves/tree theme as well as Thankfulness. We’ve listened to loads of audio books and finished three read alouds this month. The kids loved Charlotte’s Web! They weren’t so into Stuart Little, and are currently really into the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They pretend they are in Narnia and Evie pretends she is Lucy and it is so precious.


This month we threw our friends a goodbye party. My dear dear friend!! I made some autumn cocktails and had snacks and hung out with this precious family. We talked about how we are thankful for cloth diapers and friend blindates (how we met!), future family vacations with them and for friends who feel like family. I still get a lump in my throat, thinking about how different life in Portland will be without them. IMG_8985IMG_8978IMG_8969


November was rough for me. While I cried at our co-op, I had my mom friends pray for me, give all the hugs, and then deliver quiche so I wouldn’t have to cook, and text prayers and scripture to me. It really does take a village. A terrible photo of the most delicious quiche made by the most loving friend and sister in Christ. Reminding me of all the good we DO have. IMG_8960

Collecting all the nature things and making all the messes.



Ev turned 5! The weekend after her birthday, we had her friends over for a pizza/costume party. We ended the night with chilly bonfire and popcorn.


Ev with her BFF.IMG_8940IMG_8935IMG_8924IMG_8918IMG_8916IMG_8911IMG_8910IMG_8906IMG_8905IMG_8900IMG_8895IMG_8894IMG_8889

On her actual birthday we went on a hike with friends and then came home for lunch. She wanted salad for lunch, so she helped me make one. Making salads is her new favorite thing. She can make one herself for lunch and it’s wonderful. She just needs help with the dressing!

Later that night, grandma and grandpa surprised her at one of her favorite restaurants and it was so sweet and fun! We spent the weekend with them. It’s always so sad when they leave. We all miss each other!IMG_8866IMG_8856IMG_8843IMG_8835

We stopped at the top of Mount Tabor for birthday muffins. We sang happy birthday to her and had a beautiful view of the city and Mount Hood. She looks so big to me.IMG_8833IMG_8829IMG_8828IMG_8823IMG_8817IMG_8815

On her birthday morning Curtis stayed and had breakfast with her. I had so much planned and so many expectations for this morning and it was actually pretty terrible….hahhaha. And instead of having breakfast with her, I was in the room with James who was throwing the most epic tantrum. We ended up having a great day, but expectations are just so funny.IMG_8808

Our belated Halloween party with our preschool co-op! We all ended up with a terrible stomach bug and had to cancel our party, so once everyone was better we had it…In November. Hahaha We celebrated with sourdough waffles!IMG_8801IMG_8793IMG_8785IMG_8773IMG_8771


We made pumpkin pie playdough and it smelled so so good. IMG_8768IMG_8764IMG_8762


On our weekly nature days. The Hoyt Arboretum is so beautiful in autumn. img_3871









On one of our hike with grandpa and grandma!

Curtis and I are also doing a monthly swap with a friend. They have 4 kids. We have 3. So once a month we watch 7 kids for a few hours! But, then when it’s our turn…it’s amazing!! They keep each other busy though. Here they are harvesting mint from the backyard. Also, this is the only mom Jonathan will actually stay with. It’s such a blessing to have friends who love your children, but also to have your children love your friends! Curtis and I are feeling a bit of freedom.

After our devotional with Ev, she asked, “what is a christian?” and so our conversation began and long story short, Evie said she wanted to be a christian. We did the prayer with her…and it was so special to have had the opportunity to walk her through it. And I feel lucky to be a part of her spiritual journey. I had to take a selfie after we prayed because I want to remember this moment.

The day after thanksgiving my mom friend invited us over for donuts and I brought us coffee and we kept each other company while we felt sad that our husband’s were working the day after thanksgiving. We decided that donuts solve all our problems and make our sadness go away.

A friend from our community group has been serving in Lebanon for the last 6 months. She came to visit for a couple weeks, so we had girls night in….with all the yummy snacks and drinks.

Circle time at preschool co-op looks like this. Lots of noise and babies walking all over the place.


Tonight I am staying up too late preparing our advent calendar and making all the lists for December activities and festivities. This year really is flying by!