October 2018

Trying to take a quick moment to update this blog and posting allllllll the pictures. Also, it feels to take break from cleaning up explosive diarrhea and looking through all the good moments this month. This last week has been the pits. Since last Thursday, everyone in our little has gotten the worst stomach bug. Curtis ended up with it after Jon threw up on his face and although I am still fine, I wondering when it will hit me?! All the prayers that I don’t get it, please! Anyways, I am tired of cleaning up vomit and diarrhea and waking up in the middle of the night because kids don’t feel good or had accidents.  And being stuck at home with sick kids all day is pretty exhausting. Everyone is just tired and cranky! In addition, James has hit the threenager stage hard. Just when things got easier with Ev and I could breathe a little..BAM James enters with all the tantrums, fits, moods, and boy is it emotionally exhausting. Curtis and I also realized we’ve been only been on 4 dates since Jon has been born (16 months!) and we are feeling it. I am still very much sleep deprived and have become a co-sleeping family because that’s the only way the baby will sleep. One day we will sleep again.

Anyways, now I’m venting and writing it out helps me remember that things are not always so peachy. Sometimes I forget.

Here are some good stuff this month. Or just stuff we have been up to! We took a field trip with our co-op to the pumpkin patch. I love Sauvie Island and all the wonderful farms.  It was raining and it was a true Oregonian experience looking for pumpkins in the rain.



After preschool co-op. The kids running in the leaves and eating all the grapes and climbing fig trees.


I forgot to mention last month, that Ev and James are in nature school. I drop them off for 2.5 hours once a week and the kids hike around Mt. Tabor the whole time learning about all sort of things. I love hearing James identify different type of trees and Evie talking about Hawthorn berries and mushrooms and it just makes my heart happy. Also, having a break from them is so wonderful. I drop off Jon with a friend every other week and I go to a coffee shop and work on my lesson plans and then run back home for a quick cleaning spree. Do you see James? Love those trees!IMG_8552

This is them before class one day. They looked so precious all bundled up. Once the winter session starts in January, they will have on the rain suits full time. SO MUCH RAIN.IMG_8547

Trying out the meal planning on a monthly basis. Kinda boring as I really like trying new recipes every week, but I am hoping this will help us save even more money on the grocery bill. IMG_8545IMG_8538IMG_8536

Interrupting the math lesson. He likes to climb on the table and destroy all the school things. Keeping me tired and on my toes.IMG_8532

Math with pumpkins and our nature tray. IMG_8531Lovely little things they’ve found on our nature walks.IMG_8530

Sunday hangs with one of my favorite friends. They had us over for squash pizza and apple pie after church. The kids played so well and we got to have such good conversation. Love this friend so much.IMG_8524IMG_8519IMG_8517IMG_8515

We did our family pumpkin patch trip. It was fun. We picked our pumpkins and made squash soup for dinner. And it was sunny day! Yeah!IMG_8510IMG_8506IMG_8503IMG_8501IMG_8499IMG_8495IMG_8477IMG_8473IMG_8470


Some homeschool stuff.

Ev and James made their first apple pie. I helped with the chopping of the apples, but they did the rest! We made the pie after reading, Ugly Pie. They really liked this book.

Honestly, I have been struggling a little with homeschool and philosophies. I try to incorporate alot of the stuff that I learned teaching in traditional school and it’s hard to recreate that at home. And then I compare what Kinder teaches are doing with their students and I think, am I doing enough? Will my kids be prepared? Thankfully, I have discovered  Charlotte Mason and it’s shifting so much of my perspective. IMG_8459IMG_8451IMG_8443IMG_8438



We went to the Portland Nursery and brought home sooooo many apples. We’ve made all the apple things. IMG_8391IMG_8372


More homeschool stuff. Mud play, more science experiments with apples, making apple cider, and climbing apple trees. IMG_8369IMG_8341IMG_8338IMG_8336IMG_8327

Our garden at the end of the season. We grew pumpkins! We only got two, but I was so excited. We are putting the garden to rest for the fall and winter, but goodness gardening this summer was ridiculously fun.IMG_8288IMG_8285IMG_8284IMG_8282IMG_8280


Curtis was home on a school day, so he helped Evie work out some vowel stuff…which has been tricky for me to teach her! The rest of us enjoyed the russian apple cake we made. Topped with homemade whipped cream and another cup of coffee…I wish every afternoon looked like this! hahahahIMG_8277IMG_8276IMG_8270IMG_8269IMG_8264IMG_8260

Helping make the Apple Cake and Ev working on a workbook while James plays with the apple pie playdough we made. Also, a math lesson Ev wasn’t really into. IMG_8249IMG_8247IMG_8239IMG_8216

And the fall meals begin! I am loving roasting all the veggies again.IMG_8210

I got distracted cooking with the big kids and this kid found the chalk and ate so much of it. Whoops.IMG_8205

We went on another field trip with our co-op. We went to an apple orchard in Sauvie Island for apple picking! Followed by a story and picnic.IMG_8198IMG_8188IMG_8172IMG_8161IMG_8160IMG_8155IMG_8149IMG_8143

Also, some phone pictures from our weekly nature walk.


Outside time at co-op! Climbing trees.


Halloween Night! 2 superheroes and Elsa. Jonathan started walking this month too. It’s been fun. But, also hard!


Pumpkin carving night. James wanted a superhero and Ev wanted a cat with a small heart.


Kids helping Curtis with all the yard work. SO MANY LEAVES.


More homeschool stuff: Tomato soup, making pumpkin donuts, making a web with yarn, cutting open a pumpkin and exploring, measuring and weighing pumpkins and learning words like, circumference.



Visiting the goats in our neighborhood after the Farmer’s Market.IMG_8642IMG_8636IMG_8628IMG_8625

Our farmers market has a fun kid program. Each week is a different activity. This week was making their own tea bags. They got to choose the herbs they wanted. Ev chose chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm. James chose chamomile. IMG_8619

Morning scenes from the weekend.IMG_8606

New haircut for me. A mom bob, because yeah!IMG_8601

Me: The directions say to color the acorns.

Ev: I don’t need to. I already know how many uncolored acorns are left. It takes too long to color all the acorns all the way.

Oh the loop holes.


I can’t believe tomorrow is November. And that we are planning another birthday party and Friendsgiving in Portland. And that in a few months it will be three years since we all uprooted and moved here. Times flies. And I really can’t help it, but, this time of year always makes me feel very homesick. The feeling surprises me every year!