CA Vacation

This California visit was so sweet. My sister in law’s wedding brought the whole family together and it was so great! I wish I would have brought my camera, but oh well. Here are some phone photos. The older two did amazing! Things like traveling do get easier as they get older. And we had to travel with a lot less stuff is just so nice. Babies need so much stuff!

I was so worried about traveling with three. It was pretty tiring, but overall they did great. Baby was challenging, but that’s a baby for you!

I wish I could have taken more photos at the wedding!

Curtis with his cousins/best friends and the babies!

These sweet girls are so sweet. Wish we lived closer to these cousins!

Babies from 2017! Love how many babies we have in the family.

Took the kids to are old stomping grounds. Ice cream shop and the beach!

We did the beach everyday because my kids are obsessed and its only 5 minutes away.

One last beach cousins with some of our favorite people!

I go to see my sister too!

We had a taco night with our old hiking friends. I love them so much! I didn’t know them very long before we moved, but we’ve kept in touch and text allllll the time and we try to hang everytime we are in the same city. I love how well the kids play!

Took a day trip to see my parents. We had to get Mexican paletas of course!

More beach and ice cream. It’s summer and vacation, so yea!

Went to a concert at the beach and had picnic dinner. We had my favorite burritos. I miss Mexican food.

Our sweet cousin took us on a coffee shop date. She is amazing and I wish she was closer!

His first time at the beach.

I got to see this sweet friend too! We picked up coffee and took a stroll around the beach. Such kindred spirits and I always feel so refreshed and encouraged after some time with her. I want to be her when I grow up!!!


Thanks to the grandparents, I squeezed in a couple girls nights and went to a couple of my old favorite wine bars. Yay!  It was really fun getting all the park dates and play dates and hang time and with family and friends and all the people we miss in Santa Cruz. The people in our lives are gold. I feel blessed. Our last night there Curtis went out all with all the guy cousins and I sneaked away to hang with Jenny and Laura. We drank tea and talked all about homeschool and books and mom life and it was life giving!


I’m updating this while the kids craft and make messes. My kids have such high energy and they are so loud! So, I gotta go and make more coffee so I can make it through part two of our day…I’ll proof read this later! haha