May 2018

I found my camera! Although, I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would have liked, I did bring out the camera when I remembered. May was full and pretty great. We had friends over for tacos and margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. I made Carnitas and Curtis grilled up some Carne Asada. SO good! We ended the night with a bonfire. I just love filling up our home with people.

We had the Russell’s visit us! Definitely a highlight of the month! It was so great to catch up and stay up wayyyy to late and watch our babies play all weekend long. I mean, look at them?!



Homeschool Preschool: We have been talking about plants, flowers, gardens, vegetables and fruits. We’ve spent quite a bit of time at our garden. On this day we focused on the Letter J and made JAM. The kids helped me wash the berries, hull and slice them, mash them and add the sugar and lemon juice. I canned a couple of the jars for future use!IMG_9969IMG_9962IMG_9947IMG_9946IMG_9943


We had friends over again for a memorial day BBQ. The kids played out in the back property most of the time. My kids are loving the mud kitchen we are building for them. I am still trying to convince Curtis to make a tree house where our old apple tree is at. But, I’m not sure I am very convincing. IMG_9939IMG_9937IMG_9936IMG_9934IMG_9931


My friend brought her guitar and we worshiped a little after dinner. I love the community my kids are building. Look at our babies! These two are just a few months apart. IMG_9928IMG_9924IMG_9923IMG_9918


Started making my Spring canning list too. IMG_9911


The weather has been awesome most of the month, so most of our meals are eaten out in the patio. This is Jon during lunch the other day. He melts me. IMG_9898

Our friends from Tacoma came to visit too. We played at a park most the morning, grabbed lunch at a brewery, took them to Alberta Arts District and walked around, and then we all ended up back our place for a BBQ and more hang time.



Well,  I should really go to bed now. On days the kids don’t nap, I stay up wayyyyy to late (INTROVERT MAMA HERE!)  because the alone time is just so needed. But, man, do I pay for it in the morning. Kids get up way too early and the baby still wakes up a few times. Who needs sleep anyways?