April 2018: Camera phone edition

I couldn’t find my real camera all month. One of the cool things about not using IG/FB is that I am taking more photos with my real camera. But, since I lost it, I took crappy phone this month. I am taking less photos and enjoying the moments more. It’s kinda freeing. Here are snap shots of the month.


J fell asleep during the church service. yay! It’s hard to sit during service with this busy boy, but, this kid keeps getting sick and is kicked out of the nursery.

We have befriended a refugee family and every Friday I go teach the mama English while our kids play. There are SIX kids between both of us. It’s crazy and sweet.

Curtis and I went to a cheesemaking class. So fun.

E took this photo during our class with our refugee friends.

We invited our refugee friends over to our friends house and they cooked us afghan food and it was amazing. All of kids played till late. Here is James at our dinner. Totally exhausted.

Look at the food they made. Delicious.

Me and a couple friends went over to their house and tried to learn some Afghan cooking.

Lots of sunshine this month. YAY!

Playdates with some of my favorite people.

They all wanted to be on my lap. OK. Picture everyone!

We had E’s BFF over. These girls love each other so much. It’s sweet!

Homeschool Preschool: Birds and their nests. We made nests from clay and things we found out in the backyard.

This baby is climbing all over. So much laundry in the background.

Family selfies.

Starting seeds indoors and a sad looking fiddle leaf.


That’s if for now!

Spring Garden.

Last minute we decided get a plot at a community garden. We are pretty behind, but have been planning our spring garden! We’ve been going every week to work on the garden. Getting the soil ready, cleaning the garden, and pulling weeds. We are new to gardening, but I am pretty excited to learn. We are going to start small with kale, spinach, lettuces, some herbs, and beets. But, I’m hoping this summer we can add more!

I started our seeds. They sprouted! They grew! And then my children came and pulled them out. So so sad. So, now I start again. Hahaha

Easter 2018



Easter! This was our second Easter in Portland. I admit I always get homesick. I miss the Easter gathering at Nana’s and all the cousins. I miss our traditions. Being in a new city means, starting new traditions. Well, each Easter has looked different so far. This year we went to our church’s good Friday service and survived. Sorta. Evening outings with small babies…so much work! The kids and I made Holy Cross Buns and had one before heading to the service.


Easter Sunday we went to church and then headed back home to prep a simple brunch. we had friends over and had delicious food and then had a small egg hunt in our backyard with the kids. It was really so great. So thankful.

March 2018



March has included lots of rain. We began our spring theme at home preschool. Celebrated first day of spring with a hike and working on the yard. March also included so much sickness, a terrible separation anxiety (happy 8 months Jon), little sleep, grandparents visits (yay!), more post church brunch dates with friends, kombucha brewing, a visit to California, and so much sickness! I wish I could expand more on our month, but time is so limited with little people. So this is it in a nutshell. I didn’t even take very many photos this month. So sad!