Homeschooling: Winter

Here are some pictures from January through March. We have been deep in our winter theme. We learned about winter vegetables, made blueberry sourdough muffins, have gone on nature outings with our small nature group, hung out with our co-op peeps, learned about hibernation, migration, and winter animals. E is also really into writing these days. She also started reading, which is pretty cool.


February Snapshots

I am still catching up sharing photos. Here are snap shots of February. We spent a week hanging out with grandma. Yay for our California visitors! We hosted our first cocktail night with a few friends, crafted a ton because, hello Valentines day, baked some paleo gluten free cookies, made valentine cards, decorated our house and made it festive, ate heart shaped pizzas, and had another snow day towards the end of the month. This is when things started to feel a little easier as our sweet baby started crawling, eating solids, and stopped crying 24/7. How did we survive those first few months? I don’t even know.



Sourdough Starter

Back in Feb we got a new baby: a sourdough starter. I feed it twice a day & have been experimenting with sourdough bread, my absolute favorite. I’ve been making biscuits, waffles, crackers, pancakes, & my all time favorite pizza dough. I’m in love. Curtis & I even named him.

Homesteading adventures

Curtis and I have been busy with homesteading stuff and its been really fun. I guess it has become our thing. Last year we started keeping chickens, (taking a break from that, such a sad story!) making sourdough bread, canning, making our own deli meats (yay vacume sealer), making our pasta from scratch, brewing kombucha and beer, and soon we will attend our own cheese making class.  Curtis and I joke that we don’t have “a thing” that we both enjoy to do together. Turns out this is it.