Wow, it’s crazy how long I have neglected this space. 

The last time I posted was 2013. And interestingly, the last post was concerning our trip to Tahoe. This trip was where we found out we were pregnant. A huge surprise, considering we were being careful with using NFP ( Natural Family Planning) with great success for the last two years. 

So much to write about the last year.

How I have grown. 

How being pushed into motherhood has been the best thing that has happened to me. 

How God has taught me so much about trust, letting go, & faith. I hope that one day I can write more about it. But, for now, I will leave it there. Maybe one day I will have the time. Nap time sometimes isn’t long enough. 

I figured I would say goodbye to this blog for now, because I just don’t have time to keep up. You can find me on Tumblr where I have found to be a little less maintenance. Mostly photos & re-blogging since I just don’t have time to write these day.  Or maybe I’m just lazy. 

Every now I “tweet”. Mostly boring things. & only during nap times. #naptimetweets.

Tweet- Tweet: https://twitter.com/mrscannizzaro

 Tumblr became my BFF during late night nursing sessions. Endless scrolling of lovely images!  http://simplymrs.tumblr.com/


Cheers to a new season. 


Everly 8 Months 009