Missing winter.

winter part 3
It’s been pretty warm in Northern California lately. I’m not complaining, since
I do love the sun and warmth. However, after being in the PNW last December,
I do miss the chilly weather. Boots, scarves, layers, coats, hot drinks,
fireplaces, and soups. I wish winter would just stay in Northern California
for just a little longer. Just a little. Anyways here is an outfit post
inspired by winter. The boots, the print on that tunic, and
coziness in that jacket…I love it all.

I love weddings.

I love weddings. Especially when one of your childhood friends get married!! One of my bestest got married last Friday! Wooooo!!  I’ve known this lady since I was six years old. Oh how I treasure these long lasting friendships. Friendships that transcend changing seasons, stages, state lines, distance, and my weirdness/craziness! Seriously, the best.

After months and months and months of planning, organizing, brainstorming, and creating,  her wedding finally happened. Truly, it was one of THE best weddings I’ve been to.  So much joy, love, and energy. I don’t think anyone wanted to leave. 😉

Oh, and she looked absolutely gorgeous!!!! I mean just look at her!











So glad I got be her matron of honor and join her as she starts her new adventure in marriage. I love you so much, love!!! To 20 more years of friendship! ❤

A little snippet of her amazing wedding down below. Her Mr. is just freakin’ talented! oh, the LOVE.



A few things:
1. I need to stop following people on Instagram/blogs that are from Seattle. All their photos of the beautiful mountains, woods, ocean, and city. I just can’t! Makes me wish I was there.
2. Need to stop looking at real estate outside of California. Depressing.
3. I continue to dream of a cute little cottage in a quaint neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest. Of course. I would.
4. I’m a gypsy at heart. Curses!
5. These Seattle panoramic photos don’t make things easier for me. Blah!
6. 44 days until Philadelphia. Whoa.






A New Year.

I’m grateful for the start of a new year. The good, the bad, and everything in between. New aspirations, new adventures, new lessons learned, and new realizations of my dependence on God.
The new year started with some trials, but, God is good. I’m grateful that I can depend on Him as my Rock and strength. I’m grateful that I have family and a supportive community of friends to depend on.

I’m grateful that I have the most amazing, caring, sweet, loving human being as my husband. Yea, our marriage isn’t perfect and we have our struggles. But, the craziness of life is so much easier to deal with when I have my husband by my side. When I think of him and life with him, I’m reminded of this quote:

“Being married isn’t hard. Certainly, life itself is hard – replete with grief and pain, stress as we stretch ourselves to become more selfless. But marriage? Marriage is the buffer for those hard places, the shelter against the wind, the umbrella in the downpour, the hot soup for sore throats.
Marriage is a wonder, a miracle, a mystery. In marvelous synchrony, we live and move. He and I together. This is how it should be.”

So glad, I have my Mr. to tackle this crazy thing we call life.

Cheers, Darling. Happy New Year, from us.


Seattle Inspired.

Still dreaming about life in the northwest.
I’m not much of cold weather person, like my husband.
I prefer sun all the time!
Which is why I find it so weird that I still feel so drawn to this part of the country.
The beautiful summers/falls make the long winters worth it.
Living among the mountains, oceans, and a city sounds wonderful.
This California girl would need to change her style. Winter Part 2Winter Part 2 by mrscann featuring fingerless gloves


Well, we are back from our trip to Seattle. And I’m in love and smitten with the city. I’ve been pretty smitten with the pacific northwest now for years. But, this trip only reinforced it!
It was nice to have my husband all to myself for a whole week. Quality time at its best. And so needed. Invest in your marriage peeps! Ahhh. I love that man so much.

I promise we did more than just walk around dreaming about life in Seattle. We indulged in yummy food and drinks; visited lovely neighborhoods, museums, and parks; ate a countless bakeries; watched the beautiful city skyline from Kerry Park and Gas Works Park; went on many coffee shop dates; visited the famous Troll that lives under Aurora Bridge; visited the famous and gross Gum Wall; had tasting at local breweries; took a ferry ride and visited Bainbridge Island; and took strolls around Alki Beach. Grateful for all the friends that helped in making up an awesome itinerary this past week!


Is it too soon to plan another trip up north?!