This year as I prepped my bio (for work), I realized I’ve been working professionally with children for almost 10 years. Whoa! This isn’t even counting babysitting or teaching children church during my teenage years.

Crazy that I’ve spent most of my adult life investing in the lives of little ones. In reflecting in this and reflecting in my crazy review week, I realized how blessed I am to be working in a field I’m passionate about. I get giddy reading about child development!

Sure there are stressful, messy, I wanna cry cause I’m so overwhelmed days. But, even in that, I can honestly say, that I meant to be with children. In no other field would I feel so alive.
Last week, Dr. G observed my class and confirmed that I am doing what I am good at: being with children.

“you have exceptional abilities with children.”

What?! Really?! S i g h.

I thank God for using others to speak to my spirit. On a week that I was feeling so insecure and incompetent, God whispered, “Lissette, I designed you for this. You got this.”

It feels so good to be living out what God designed me to do.

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