Rest and Goals.

The new year has started and overall, I am feeling quite refreshed. The fact that I have been off from work for the past glorious 17 days has helped a bit. 😉 Maybe it’s because I’ve been able to recover from sleepless days. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had no major responsibilities, besides keeping up with homemaking, creating, and spending time with friends. Believe me, I love my job. However, this school year has been quite stressful. Federal review years are. no. joke. Teaching AND directing is. no. joke.

It’s been wonderful to actually take time for my self. These past couple weeks have been a time of physical, emotional, and spiritual refreshment and rejuvenation. It’s been so lovely. I need to make it a priority to REST this year. Here are some other goals and intentions for this 2012.


REST and go on retreats

Buy less new things. Recycle, re-purpose, make and create.

Carpool more

Practice prayer without ceasing. Using the less glamorous times in the day to pray and intercede. You know those times… waiting in lines, traffic times, washing the dishes, cleaning, ect…

Practice being more frugal. Shop less.

Cook more. Eat out less.

Eat less sugar.

Read more. At least a book a month.

Be more active. Running around with 3 year old’s can not count. I need something structured!

Be more present.

Happy 2012!

Unfailing Love.

My dad turned 64 yesterday! I am so grateful that God has granted him one more year of life. It’s been sort of rough for him dealing with health issues these past couple of years. But all in all, I am thankful for him and his fighting spirit. God has been faithful through it all. God has showed me, my dad, and family, his unfailing love and grace. Unfortunately, my dad continues to struggle with health issues. And this week (through my dad’s situation) I was reminded just how much I need to rely on God. Yes, it’s hard for me to see my dad struggle. However, when I feel like I can’t carry the burden, my God comes through. He lifts me up. He comforts me. He reminds me of his Love and his provision. In this I find comfort. Even if my whole world falls apart, His love will carry me. Like the Psalmist says, God is my rock, my fortress; I will not be shaken. So as this new year begins, God’s unfailing love leads my path and will carry me through 2012.

When sorrow’s my condition
And pain holds back no blow 
Though this be my darkest hour Your 
lamp is leading me home You will find me singing